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Featured Image -- 203The reasons for America’s inability to control the Anonymous movement has as much to do with the types of people who proclaim to be part of Anonymous as it does with the the nature of global politics today. For one, according to Mr. Johansen, within American-affiliated Anonymous there’s a “general lack of cultural and political knowledge as it pertains to causes that are not directly connected to US affairs.” Both Coleman and Murphy were quick to point out Americans (within Anonymous) tend to be less bilingual than the rest of the world, which is also a factor

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Hackers and Journalists Partner for Enforced Transparency 3 | The Fifth Column


9958-cybercri_articleHacking: The Transparency Grenade
Hacking, whistleblowing and journalism are very effective tools in this regard. That is why we call it #EnforcedTransparency. In the image above you will see some of the most prominent enforcers the world has seen.  They are early innovators and should be hailed as heroes – not jailed as criminals.

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