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Raymond Johansen, international coordinator for the Norway Chapter of the Pirate Party and advisory board member of FreeAnons, is part of the global movement connected by social media and the internet to oppose FTAs.  He points to the strength of a “network of connections on all continents” that will put an end to the trade deals that primarily benefit multinational corporations.

Profile pix largeI see international trade agreements as a form of economic imperialism where the large economies, such as the US, gets too much power and render democracies in our countries obsolete. From the standpoint of a European citizen and as a strong supporter of transparency I especially dislike the TPP. I also find it incredible that the US people are not more worried about what TPP will mean for them.

Enforced Transparency – when hacking becomes necessary

The concept of transparency is simple, if governments practice it – we as a people – will be able to spot misuse of power, corruption and safeguard our democracy. When transparency becomes just a word, a smokescreen, and governments around the world use it as well as the alleged need for secrecy to keep us in the dark, something has to be done.

Hacking: The Transparency Grenade
GreandeHacking, whistleblowing and journalism are very effective tools in this regard. That is why we call it #EnforcedTransparency. In the image above you will see some of the most prominent enforcers the world has seen. They are early innovators and should be hailed as heroes – not jailed as criminals.

The expression “Enforced Transparency” is derived from a tool governments have been using for decades: Enforced Disappearances – or as it is called in Spanish: Desaparición forzada. Source:

When governments across the world can kidnap, torture, and murder their citizens, more and more people are realizing the importance of Enforcing Transparency – in a non-violent way.

CPJJournalism and Enforcing Transparency
Obviously the media plays an important role in keeping an eye on our governments. One of the more critical organizations in the post-Snowden era has been The Intercept. Organizations such as the Committee to Protect Journalists and Freedom of the Press Foundation also play an important role.

The sad fact is that it is very difficult these days finding a truly free press capable of exposing corruption and lies when the companies they investigate are all-powerful. They use their money to pressure MSM (mainstream media) not to publish stories, and resort to outright pure propaganda. Both the US and Russia have anFree_Dom_Press extensive network of news outlets simply dedicated to pushing a particular agenda, whether statist or corporatist –  as I am sure other countries do.

Independent media and hacktivists will become more and more important in the years to come, simply to enforce transparency in a world of mass surveillance.

assange-300x200As for whistleblowing, I am quite sure that WikiLeaks will continue to be an important entity in the years to come. As you all know they recently revamped their submission system after four years offline. This is their Tor onion: wlupld3ptjvsgwqw.onion

As for the role of technology in transparency enforcement there are apps and services coming out every day, and newspapers and journalists of all kinds should really be early innovators in this area. We are happy to see that more and more news outlets are starting to use SecureDrop. That said, we are eagerly awaiting services that can deliver encryption so easy to use that all of us will be a little bit safer, and maybe even take back some of our right to privacy.
The Hacker WarsHere you will find a documentary, The Hacker Wars, where you will learn all you need about our heroes – including torrents and paid services.

Article and expressions, but not the images, may be Shared freely. This was written by Kitty Hundal and Raymond Johansen. Thank you for your precious time.

How the #NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text – #TheIntercept

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

By Dan Froomkin for The Intercept
There are incredible implications when we know that at least 17 intel orgs in the US, Five Eyes countries, Israel and what must be hundreds of private contractors have access to this data.

The potential for misuse is staggering. Especially since we now know that the Intel agencies use their capabilities for industrial espionage – even against allies.

And it gets worse
I really do believe that private contractors with corporations as customers will have no filters when it comes to using this data in nefarious ways. Transparency and oversight towards the intelligence industry is so weak that laughable is teh best way of describing it.

The Transparency Enforcers 
The Hacker WarsWe need to force these entities to create safeguards. If that does not happen we need more heroes like Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Chelsea Manning, Thomas Drake, Matt DeHart to name but a few. Please watch The Hacker Wars to understand why this is truly necessary.

Original article:

#ChargeSheet #Mugshot | Chris Dodd – CEO of #MPAA – and master of #Copywrong

Booking_Chris_DoddJ’accuse Christopher John “Chris” Dodd, born May 27, 1944! Former senator and CEO of the #MPAA.

You stand before us accused of being an Enemy of Humanity and all things good. We will now read the charges. You are accused of the following:

  • Inciting, aiding and abetting corruption
  • Taking part in the US Financial loan controversy, including subprime mortgage crisis that lead to the federal takeover of Fannie Mae in 2008
  • Subverting democracies around the world by pushing laws that the voters in their countries have had no say in
  • Creating censorship across the world
  • Paying state prosecutors to attack Google, when what they should be doing is serving the people that elected them
  • Using your political position to facilitate bonuses to corporate friends, namely the AIG federal assistance and bonuses controversy
  • Meddling in Free Trade Negotiations
  • Having a connection to insider trading, namely the Irish Cottage controversy
  • Perpetual greed – by stealing from content creators around the world
  • Creating a system of world wide mass surveillance
  • For extortion of poor people globally by way of copywrong notices
  • For pressuring the FBI to lie about the #SonyHack “North Korea did it!”
  • pirate-flagPutting kids in jail for sharing culture
  • For being a two faced SOB – saying one thing in public and another during FTA negotiations
  • For ddozing the country of Sweden after the #SonyHack and the #TPB take down, disrupting all business and personal comms
  • For trying to silence the “free press” using scare tactics

How do you plead, *sir*? and remember —>
(Just know that you can plead as much as you want, it is too late to expect us!)

Further evidence:

#GuardiansOfPeace #Anonymous #AnonPirates #PirateSec #TheScene #TheWorld #Pirates #Occupy #TPB #FileSharers #Wikileaks

About trolls, newbloods and continuous drama – draining all of us

pirate-flagHere is @ro0ted with an important message to The Collective

Excerpt: “We do not wish to engage in this childish manner. We choose to keep the peace even though after I post this we will be attacked by trolls who will say we lost. Let me BE very clear we didn’t lose anything. The government is probably sitting behind a desk laughing at us. They want Anonymous to fight with each other. They want us to destroy each other.”

[ posted /wo explicit permission from not one word has been changed ]


#ro0ted #OpNewblood Our response to the drama you’ve had to witness /w @sagehack @Samurai_Lucy

My thoughts on the drama our readers have had to witness in these past few days
As an Anonymous Collective “Cyber Guerrilla AnonNexus” we work with many different activists/hacktivists and other organizations around the world. We are all trying to help mankind in unique methods. These are my thoughts about this drama concerning Lucy and her friends trying to make us look like a bad collective.

Fact is we don’t care who likes us or who dislikes us as Collective. I was wrong not to post her update on her tutorial concerning Jabber. I am not saying this as a coward. I can very well play her game. She runs to accounts on twitter with big followers. If I wanted to make a cyber war, I could easily run to our allies which are Redhack, Anonymous Worldwide, DPS (Dead Protocol Society) LulzSec, Sector404, n01d (n0 1dentity), The Unknowns, Cult of a deadc0w, PLF (Peoples Liberation Front), ex UGNazi and so on.

We do not wish to engage in this childish manner. We choose to keep the peace even though after I post this we will be attacked by trolls who will say we lost. Let me BE very clear we didn’t lose anything. The government is probably sitting behind a desk laughing at us. They want Anonymous to fight with each other. They want us to destroy each other.

If we wanted to we can easily datamine Pastebin and post Lucy’s true identity. As many people know detailed information on the poster is saved on the servers even for non registered users. We have been DM’d by big accounts saying he/she said this also with information on several people that would most definitely hurt them if this intel got out. We have intel from both sides in this situation but I do not wish to engage in this lil high school kid fight. You can say whatever you want about me but don’t disrespect our collective. Cyber Guerrilla has and will continue to help the activist movement. We are more than a website. We are no different from you.

We fight the same battle as you do. We do not wish to fight other Anons. By continuing to fight each other we are doing the governments work. We will not fall as a collective or a movement in the Anonymous culture. We ask our friends to stand down. Let the trolls have their fun.

I apologize about me not updating your tutorial Lucy but that’s as far as I will say sorry because I don’t really care how you think of me as a person. I will not change my opinion on the tutorial. #OpNewblood has enough basic tutorials #OpNewblood has became so repetitive with the same info in different words. It’s basically a lost n found for learning how to use Jabber, IRC, DDoS/DoS, Dox’ing, etc. It’s to the point where I can’t even browse that hashtag because it makes me want to vomit on how repetitive it has became.

We are spoon feeding the new bloods the same shit on a daily basis. We should strive to hand them unique content. It’s true you and I like different topics but instead of fighting each other; we should make our education a drug to the reader; we should strive to keep them addicted. It’s true all new comers start somewhere, however that doesn’t mean they should stay there. In society, college courses tell us it takes months to learn some of these topics, that’s bullshit our readers have learned how to Reverse Engineer among other topics in just 1 week. It isn’t about what we have taught and/or gone over in the past; Fuck the past, it’s dead anyways. It’s about what we are teaching NOW.

I know you have done much for beginners but even the novice evolve into advance users. I agree with you not everyone knows SSH/SSL techniques but I disagree about my tuts being too advanced. You never know who’s behind the computer screen. We apologize to our readers who have had to witness this kid drama. No one asked me to post this if anything they wanted to expire your online presence.

I don’t see what that would accomplish. You can keep talking trash but we won’t engage into it. We have better things to do. We have brothers in AnonInsiders such as @Sagehack which is good friends with members in our Collective. We don’t wish to start a war with them just because one of them supports you. That’s all I have to say.
Afterall Anonymous is just 1 big dysfunctional family; there will be fights. People will disagree. That’s just how life is.

As humans we are given two options agree or disagree. This isn’t a communist movement where everyone must agree. You are entitled to your own opinion people may disagree but no one can change your opinion. That’s the beauty of mankind. We all see things in a different light. We all contribute in different styles. We are the new architects, thinkers, artists, etc. of this age. Being apart of the Anonymous movement is extraordinary; we are making history brothers and sisters. Forget what you read about in school as a kid. They are going to write about our movement one day in text-books. All secrets will be revealed. All censorships will fall. All dictatorships will collapse. We are the new era. We are Anonymous.
– ro0ted
I did not, nor will I ever take part in this drama. This is simply posted because it has quite a few really important messages in it. – Ray