Cybergovernance and Cyberwarfare: In Whose Interests?

Cybergovernance and cyberwarfare are nothing more than flawed concepts attempting to imitate real world processes, invoked by governments, on behalf of the Corporatocracy, to control people, resources, and economies world-wide through cyberspace. Think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations aim to analyze current situations with a goal to justify and rationalize those acts and … Continue reading Cybergovernance and Cyberwarfare: In Whose Interests?

Stop #TTIP – Newsletter

If this newsletter is not displayed correctly, please click here. Dear friends, One year ago who could have foreseen that opposition to mega murky free trade agreements would see the birth of a global movement; mobilising tens of thousands of people onto the streets around the world? Well that’s what happened first on 11 October … Continue reading Stop #TTIP – Newsletter

#ChargeSheet #Mugshot | Chris Dodd – CEO of #MPAA – and master of #Copywrong

J’accuse Christopher John “Chris” Dodd, born May 27, 1944! Former senator and CEO of the #MPAA.

You stand before us accused of being an Enemy of Humanity and all things good. We will now read the charges.