Activists, Pirates team up with Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project


The Pursuance Project – Impactful, agile, secure civic collaboration

The pursuance system is the world’s first comprehensive framework for process democracy. That is, it allows individuals with no prior relationship to self-organize into robust, agile entities governed via a “proceduralism of agreement.” These entities, called pursuances, in turn engage and collaborate among themselves to whatever extent they choose, leading ultimately to a vast and formidable ecosystem of opposition to institutionalized injustice. (Excerpt from Project description)

This system will be populated on an invitation basis, beginning towards the end of 2017. But Barrett has initiated a collaboration with Pirate Parties InternationalRaymond Johansen, activist and member of the board of PPI is now in the process of populating several rooms in Mattermost, soon to begin onboarding people into an alpha version of the Pursuance System. PPI’s usage of and feedback on the software will help Pursuance’s software developers optimize it for our use cases. In the coming weeks activists, designers, artists, FOIA experts, investigative journalists, coders and developers will be invited to take part. In fact, at the time of writing projects have already started inside PPI’s Team.

To get an invitation you may contact Ray directly. Twitter or Facebook is fine. If you have his email address feel free to send him a request. Now lets hear from the main people themselves.

The framework described by Brown is quite extraordinary in that the vision is to empower people to create their own ‘pursuance’ and provide a platform to use their abilities in collaboration with others to attain specific outcomes. By doing so, they have the opportunity to scale up and potentially have a greater impact using the collaborative network.

Steve Phillips explains how he got involved with the Pursuance Project

Hi everyone! I’m Steve Phillips, lead developer and project manager of the Pursuance Project, started by Barrett Brown.

In March I learned that Barrett was out of jail and wanted to build an end-to-end encrypted environment to help make activists, journalists, and other groups more impactful by enabling them to coordinate effectively online, which sounded not just awesome but has a ton in common with what I’d been building for the last year and a half, including what I presented at DEF CON 2 years ago.

So I reached out to him, flew to Texas to meet him, and 2 days later he put me in charge of building the Pursuance System (which you can read about here; somewhat more technical intro here)!

As Barrett wrote at, our ultimate goal is to produce “a vast and formidable ecosystem of opposition to institutionalized injustice.”

I’ve been programming for 8 years, have been using Linux for almost 16 years, and I have extensive experience both building user-friendly, high-quality software and managing small teams of developers.

I am VERY excited to be working with Pirate Party folks and would love for you all to be among the first people in the world to use the Pursuance System as we build it. Let me know what tools you need to change the world and I will do whatever I can to provide them.

Right now we’ve launched an early version of the Pursuance chat feature as a standalone app — LeapChat, which anyone can use by visiting and inviting people to the secure room you get redirected to, resulting in an end-to-end encrypted chat session. Any feedback you have for which features should next be added to LeapChat would be very helpful!

The core of the first version of Pursuance that we’ll be launching is essentially a task management system built for large groups that will do things like allow you to specify which skills are necessary to complete a task, then have the software automatically find people with all the skills necessary to complete that task and ask them if they’d like to do it! This enables Pursuance scale to large groups better than anything else that currently exists.

We believe that the Internet should be amazing at enabling large groups of like-minded people to join forces to combat injustice… but it isn’t. We’re here to change that.

Barrett Brown’s vision for the Pursuance Project

Extracts from: Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project by v4vapid

When asked about his future projects, Brown outlines a vision for journalists and bloggers to better share information by creating what he calls a ‘process democracy platform’. This project has been in the works since 2009, before his incarceration, and with the help of trusted collaborators Brown continues to work towards creating a revolutionary crowd sourcing collaboration. Collaborations will occur between institutions, non-profits , academics and even citizen journalists.

“The way [the pursuance] system works, it doesn’t matter if on the margins quality declines, because on the margins, these people are free to bring on people, but they still have to handle them. So if it’s data gathering, for instance, if you’re a journalist or you’re running a crowd-sourced project, and you bring on a few people, each person who’s bringing on people obviously has an impetus to bring on actual quality people to the best of their ability because they have to deal with them, and bad information, useless information, that comes out of these distant [peripheries] on the system are not going to make it up the submission, and there’s a whole mechanism for all of that.” – Barrett Brown

“So that was the original impetus. There are a lot of other features that make this work for different things. There’s a great mass of people out there who are tweeting and commenting, and they’re upset, and there’s some portion who are very honest people who are capable, who are knowledgeable, but who are not being provided with (a) the ability to help and (b) the ability to rise. If you present people the ability to do things correctly, and by doing things correctly, rise to a position where they have the ability to do things on a larger scale, and if you make it apparent that that ability is there, and if we provide examples of it working and provide a degree of leadership, and frankly, propaganda as to why the time has come for this kind of thing, then it will work.” – Barrett Brown

To get updates on the progress of the overall project you can sign up on this page The Pursuance Project

by Kitty Hundal


Press Release: Swiss Domain Registry Switch threatening to disable


Statement from The Swiss Pirate Party in English, German and French. It also doubles as an open letter to Wikileaks and their team.

F o r   i m m e d i a t e   r e l e a s e – April 18th 2017


Swiss Domain Registry Switch threatening to disable

The Pirate Party of Switzerland owns the domain This site is not operated by the Pirates, but rather directs to the servers of Last Friday the Pirate Party of Switzerland informed the Wikileaks team that the Swiss domain registry Switch had detected malware under that domain and was threating to disable it. Wikileaks has not yet reacted to that message.

Contrary to the information provided by Switch, no drive-by infection is present on A drive-by can infect a computer even when the URL is only viewed in the browser without any explicit download. The malware served by Wikileaks is instead wrapped in a zip file attached to an email provided for download. No danger is therefore present execept if one were to download the mail, open it in a mail client, decompress the attached zip and run the content.

Stefan Thöni and Giuillaume Saouli, Co-Presidents of the Pirate Party of Switzerland have made the following statement: At a time when Wikileaks is the target of renewed attacks, we dont know what angers us more: That Switch wants to censor a domain for serving a malware thats only dangerous when installed voluntarily, or that Wikileaks is unable to react to problems in a timely fashion.

The Swiss Pirate Party is proud of its long lasting support for Wikileaks, and it would be upset to learn that access to this website would be disrupted.

Stefan Thöni, Co-Präsident

+41 79 610 64 95

Twitter: @pirateexception

Guillaume Saouli, Co-Président

+41 78 921 3740

Twitter: @gsaouli


Piratenpartei Schweiz


Schweizer Domain-Registry Switch droht abzuschalten

Die Piratenpartei Schweiz ist Inhaberin der Domain, betreibt diese jedoch nicht selbst, sondern lässt die Domain auf die Server von zeigen. Am Freitag hat die Piratenpartei Schweiz das Team von Wikileaks informiert, dass die Schweizer Domain-Registry Switch unter der Domain Schadsoftware entdeckt hat und die Abschaltung angedroht hat. Wikileaks hat bis jetzt nicht auf diese Mitteilung reagiert.

Entgegen der Meldung von Switch handelt es sich jedoch nicht um eine sogenannte Drive-by-Infektion, die einen Computer beim blossen aufrufen der Webseite im Browser infizieren kann, sondern nur um eine auf Wikileaks gespeicherte Mail, welche in einem gezippten Anhang einen Schädling enthält. Die Datei ist also harmlos, solange man sie nicht vom Wikileaks runterlädt, im Mailprogramm öffnet und den Anhang auspackt und ausführt.

Stefan Thöni und Guillaume Saouli, Co-Präsidenten der Piratenpartei Schweiz sagt dazu: «Wir weissen nicht, was uns mehr ärgert: Dass Switch eine Domain zensieren will, weil sich eine Malware drauf befindet, die man mutwillig installieren müsste, oder dass Wikileaks nicht fähig ist, auf solche Probleme zeitnah zu reagieren.»

Die Piratenpartei Schweiz unterstützt Wikileaks seit einigen Jahren und möchte verhindern, dass diese Seite, welche viel für Transparenz weltweit getan hat, offline geht.


Le registre suisse de domaine (.ch) Switch menace de délister

Le Parti Pirate Suisse (PPS) est propriéatire du domaine, ce dernier est utilisé pour rediriger le trafic internet vers le site de Wikileaks (, qui, lui, n’est pas administré ni exploité par le PPS. Vendredi dernier, le PPS a transmis à Wikileaks des informations reçues de la part de Switch, qui gère les noms de domaines, qui faisait état d’un problème de sécurité extrêmement sévère, et d’une date butoire afin que ce problème soit réglé.

Après une analyse approfondie des spécialistes en sécurité informatique du Parti Pirate, il s’avère que Switch n’a pas correctement identifié le problème de sécurité, ni proprement qualifié ce dernier. 

En l’espèce, il ne s’agit pas d’une attaque drive-by, qui pourrait infecter un ordinnateur par le simple fait qu’un utilisateur entre l’URL dans son navigateur, mais plus classiquement d’une pièce jointe à un email, faisant partie d’une série de documents publiés par Wikileaks. En effet, il faudrait que l’utilisateur télécharge les documents, sélectionne le mail, l’ouvre dans sa messagerie, puis ouvre la pièce jointe pour être infecté.

Guillaume Saouli et Stefan Thöni sont préoccupés: “Au moment où Wikileaks est à nouveau la cible d’attaques, nous ne savons pas ce qui est le plus agaçant: le fait que Switch veuille censurer un nom de domaine pour avoir partagé un document contenant un malware, ou le fait que Wikileaks soit dans l’incapacité de réagir rapidement et efficacement dans une telle problématique.

Le PPS soutient Wikileaks depuis plusieurs années, il serait peiné de voir disparaitre cet accès au site.

Lauri Love aka @LauriLoveX permanently banned from Twitter

Wire 2017-03-09 at 16.47.17

Source: : Author(s) are anonymous

Lauri Love, aka @LauriLoveX has been permanently banned from Twitter over an alleged “violent threat”.

This is a call to action.

While it is unclear as to what he posted that got him banned or even suspended in the first place, it is believed that this “violent threat” referenced by the Twitter support team is either Lauri’s Tweets about punching Nazis, or perhaps a post that Lauri made on Facebook after he was temporarily suspended from Twitter, which was later screen-capped and shared by multiple accounts. It is also suspected that those in charge of Twitter are resentful of the fact that Lauri and his community reacted to his suspension by openly expressing their outrage to them directly, so this is their extremely petty way of getting back at Lauri.

We must put pressure on Twitter to do the right thing and reinstate Lauri’s account, as well as stop suspending and banning people for speech that they are not personally in favour of.

Please send direct messages and tweets to @Jack, @Twitter, and @Support, as well as contact Twitter through the support center: You can also email Twitter directly and we encourage everyone to do so:

In your tweets, please use the hashtag #FreeSpeechFreeLauri,as well as #FreeLauri and #AntiFa.

Many of Lauri’s friends and supporters were concerned that his Twitter suspension was a result of pressure from UK authorities leading up to his potential extradition from the UK to the USA over hacking charges, which he is currently appealing. Lauri’s Facebook post was meant to put all of us at ease:

“Friends, Nazi-punchers, autonomist comrades-at-arms…
I have been suspended by Twitter. I don’t know why. Probably because of silly tone-policing algorithms and/or butthurt white supremacists.

However, it is not because I am about to be surprise kidnapped and rendered to the USA to be locked up and tortured.

We have submitted our perfected grounds for appeal as of last last Monday and strongly expect to hear that leave will be given for a High Court appeal to be heard in mid-to-late summer.

In the meanwhile, I would not want to be someone working on Twitter’s support desk today as I am a little bored, a little annoyed, and unicode Zalgos are quite fun to play with….

Love and Power,
L xxxx”

There is a clear hypocrisy among the Twitter support team in that there are countless self-identified Nazis and Nazi-sympathizers who spread hatred on this platform every single day, but any talk about punching them or implying that they should not be free from consequence is seen as “violence”. Free speech is a fundamental value of the Internet and this must include social media platforms like Twitter, but in this case free speech is being upheld and violated selectively to the benefit of Twitter Fascists.

This is a severe injustice and a blatant act of censorship targeting an Anti-Fascist activist, while those using Twitter to spread fear and hatred towards people of colour, refugees, immigrants, women and the queer community are allowed to keep doing so.

Did the Twitter support team really expect no response to this? By censoring Lauri they are hurting themselves, and they are showing us exactly which side of history they have chosen. We must fight back and make our position loud and clear. We will not tolerate censorship, and certainly not censorship of those who fight for the greater good while the genuinely evil people of this world get to express themselves freely.

In love and rage,

Concerned Twitter users, free speech advocates and friends and supporters of Lauri


#ActivismNow #IceRaids

BREAKING // Ongoing #ActiveCensorship by Raymond Johansen

Few will ever see this post, but that wont stop me from sharing it. An hour ago we learned that Muslims across America where being picked up for deportation. (#ICEraids across America) A family in Texas where stuck and needed an Arabic translator. I got that shared widely. When it hit 51 RT’s it stalled. Everything went quiet.

Not only that, my FB post with contact details was throttled. If you used the link from Twitter or anywhere else, not scrolling on my wall, you would only see the map and not the text with the phone number and details. (See attached photos)

Basically something that was bound for *virality* after being shared by accounts with an estimated reach of 2,8 million got stopped. It got stopped by someone with power enough to mess with Twitter and Facebook within half an hour.

This text deals with facts, but amidst it I feel obligated to share my theory. ICE started raiding Muslims for deportation and a whole row of private companies got paid to suppress social media criticism of it.

The first photo is what my post looks like for everyone clicking the link from anywhere on social media. It is blanked out. No text.


The second photo is what the post looks like on my Facebook Wall.


I am not a conspiracy nutter, nor am I a first timer. I have been through ops with governments attempting to stop us more times than most of you have ever eaten a proper fish meal. I have seen OpIsrael 1-4 succeed and then Saudi Arabia pay companies to stop us from helping #FreeRaif.

I have seen the industry grow to several hundred entities offering a service to anyone who wants to shut down any activity on social media. You can now “stop” any movement  or cause just by paying a weekly amount of anywhere between $10k-100k per week.

The last two times I shared important content to millions my RT’s stopped cold at 101 tweets. This time exactly at 51. (In the next few minutes a few RT’s happened, only because two or three people actually go to my stream or wall and see the tweet or post right there.)

Before you think I am just not thinking it through, try to get the fact that I actually have a lot of experience with this. We have been battling suppression more than two dozen times. And no, I am not merely being shadow banned. In 2017 it happens within the algorithms. Twitter started using them too, late last year. (? unsure of exact date) That change made it possible for powerful entities to quell any piece of information not to the liking of those with enough money or power.

What is going down around us is very much a sign of totalitarianism and it does not scare me. It is something we expected and are prepared for. Even though “they” (I know how it sounds) think they have put the breaks on me you will come across my thoughts everywhere. There will be no stopping me, or us. That is simply because when we meet opposition our #Resistance truly gets going. We don’t just double down. We do much much more than that.

Project Digital Border Defense : Submission by the Pirate Party of Norway to the Norwegian Parliament

by Raymond Johansen, member of the Board of Directors of the Pirate Party of Norway

This year the Norwegian government will consider copying every byte going in or out of Norway. This is the response of the Norwegian Pirate Party.

Contents List

  • 1. Why is it called Project Digital Border Defense?
  • 2. Why should we sacrifice an entire people’s privacy?
  • 2 a) Terrorism
  • 2 b) Cyber crime
  • 3. General considerations

Digital Border Defense, (DGF)

The Pirate Party understands that DGF is suggesting that the intelligence service copy all data passing our borders. This means that the collected data will be stored for a period of time. We further conclude that analyzing these large amounts of data will require enormous computing power. We also note that Parliament has allocated money to purchase and operate a supercomputer which is partly a collaboration with the US NSA. Here we read that the DGF documents are intended to protect Norway against terrorism and cybercrime.

On the basis of this simple summary, it is tempting to end our response to the consultation here. It goes without saying that this is a very bad idea. However, because we have followed the trend in many countries in this area for many years we’ve been forced to delve deeper into the issue. First, we’ll touch on the name, then we will go into why we should not sacrifice an entire people’s privacy in the fight against international terrorism and cybercrime. Finally, we will list some general considerations.

1. Why is it called Project Digital Border Defense?

The Pirate Party wonders why a name, which includes the words border and defense, was given to a project intended to copy 80 percent of what the Norwegian people do and say. For us it is crystal clear that they have chosen this name to trick people into believing that this is about a border and that they are there to protect us from an enemy.

On the internet there are simply no borders. That simply lies in the nature of the technology. Data flowing through the Internet knows no geography. An email from a Norwegian to his neighbor will potentially visit Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States and then come back to Norway via a route that only perhaps is somewhat similar to what it took to begin with. The internet is transnational in every conceivable way. Since we cannot stop all e-mails on “a border” to see if it might contain anything criminal before we release it. We think that the name of this project is not only misleading – it is directly intended to manipulate the common man.

On our physical border crossings we have customs and passport control. Here, people from other countries are asked about their intentions for the visit and then their identity is checked. This is only natural and necessary. On the Internet there are no borders, customs or passport inspectors. That is simply not possible. It is difficult to avoid words like ridiculous, technically impossible, grossly misleading and direct manipulation – considering what they chose to name it.

The Pirate Party wants to be a Privacy Border Defense in the coming year. It is particularly sad that this work must be done, but it seems as if we are the only ones willing to take up arms against those who would erode our rights.

2. Why should we sacrifice an entire people’s privacy?

The Lysne II – Commission’s report is clear that the motivation for the invasion of the Norwegian people’s privacy is terrorism and cybercrime, (industrial espionage and criminals who want to steal your money).

2 a) Terrorism

The Pirate Party will always shape our policies based on facts. Some call this science-based policies. If we are to provide the intelligence service with access to everyone’s privacy due to terrorism, we would want to look into whether the threat is real or not. First, let’s look at GTD, Global Terrorism Database. GTD has registered all kinds of events in Norway from 1970 to 2015. The database includes everything from kidnapping and extortion – to bombs. There we find 26 events, 3 of which take place abroad and only 2 that had fatal consequences. One of them was the murder of Benjamin Hermansen at Holmlia – carried out by neo-Nazis. The other one was obviously the Utøya / Regjeringskvartalet. These are the only two incidents that can objectively be called terrorism. Source: (Global Terrorism Database – with all details)

There is no question that international terrorism is a major problem. Similarly, it is also crystal clear that it does not affect Norway at all. The Pirate Party has, to put it mildly, difficulty understanding how the monitoring of all Norwegians will help the fight against terrorism. It is not true that we have terrorist cells hiding in an apartment in Selbu or Nedre-Eiker.

All western countries have a responsibility to safeguard their security. The Pirate Party thinks that the best way of accomplishing that is to ensure that it pursues a foreign policy that does not create terrorists while at the same time implementing an effective integration policy. Let’s take a look at the numbers, or science if you will. The United States, our closest ally, has implemented national and international mass surveillance. They have not been able to document a single case where such monitoring has stopped a single terrorist act. Source: “U.S. Mass Surveillance Has No Record of Thwarting Large Terror Attacks, Regardless of Snowden Leaks”

While the NSA claims that they have thwarted terrorist attacks through mass surveillance, one can see dozens of articles refuting their claims. DHS (Department of Homeland Security), has published a report on preventing terrorist attacks which you can read here: (Isil-related arrest-in-homeland-from-jan2014). The article from The Intercept above explains why the NSA claims are not true.

As mentioned, Norway has had only two terrorist attacks in the past 30 years. What about the US then? Is terrorism really a reason to “eavesdrop” on it’s own citizens and the rest of the world? Reports show that since 9/11 there have been less than 100 people killed by terrorists. To understand how insignificant a problem that is we can point out that more than 15,000 were killed by firearms in the United States last year. If we only look at Chicago, a single city, 767 people were shot and killed in 2016. Source for the number of terrorist killed: “RAND Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents”

There are still politicians in the United States who claim that mass surveillance helps, (most of them are paid by entities that profit from “The War on Terror”). Here is an article from The Atlantic which solidly removes any residual doubt. (The last defenders of the NSA)

In Norway we do not have terrorism. In the US they have fewer victims of terrorism killed than those who died from falls in bathtubs in Europe during the same period. In Norway there are many who vote for a particular party because they fear Muslims.

Since we have little more than zero victims of terrorism killed in the past 30 years in this country, the Pirate Party looks at Europe in this context. From 1970 to 2016, just under 2 percent of all terrorist attacks in Europe were religiously motivated. In France, the same number is under 1 percent. Source: Global Terrorism Database, GTD.

The Pirate Party cannot find one single piece of evidence that convinces us that we need to sacrifice every citizens privacy.

2 b) Cyber crime

Hackers will break into any network where there is information that enables them to earn or steal money. Hackers working for a country such as Russia, China or the United States, do so because they want oil-secrets or to understand our country’s foreign policy. The last three years, the United States and Canada have negotiated the TPP, TTIP, CETA and TISA. They have, of course, utilized their digital spies to gain advantage in their negotiations.

From the Snowden revelations we know that the GCHQ (UK) and the NSA (USA), actually hacked Belgacom. Belgacom is the EU’s ISP (Internet Service Provider). Furthermore, we know that the main ISP for the Norwegian oil sector and oil platforms is an American company. Do we truly believe that the intelligence services that are monitoring Norwegians will protect Norway’s industry? Both Russian and American oil companies have been drooling for Norwegian technology for decades. In recent years, oil prices have been extremely low. In this kind of situation, Norwegian technology would be highly sought after. Do we have to wiretap every Norwegian to stop this kind of espionage? The answer is obviously no. The Pirate Party wants to be clear that we do not, for one second, believe the Lysne II – Commission justifications for sacrificing Norwegian privacy.

Risking ridicule, all supporters of “surveil everybody all of the time”: DGF have the dumbest rationale for mass surveillance we’ve ever heard. What the Intelligence service is proposing is that we invade the privacy of every citizen in Selbu simply to catch a potential bank robber from Russia who might be thinking about robbing a local bank. BTW the local bank is called Selbu Sparebank. The Pirate Party knows that sounds ridiculous. Equally ridiculous as Digital Border Defense. If you do not want the Russian cyber criminals to hack a business, you will help the business, of course, to close the door to the vault. Obviously, you do not expose everyone’s private life and tell them that you need to see the contents of all their letters – because bank robbers. You implement cybersecurity at the local level in every company and not on a non-existent internet border.

During the last 10 years, the NSA spent billions on mass surveillance of its own citizens and the rest of the world. Has it stopped any cybercriminals? Of course not. It was only when the Americans took a plane to China and negotiated face to face that they saw some reduction in attacks. Every day technology companies, health institutions and even intelligence companies are being hacked in the United States, even though they have had mass surveillance for years.

At this point we feel that it is right that we remind everyone of the Pirate Party’s fundamental ideas. One of them is that we make decisions based on science, or if you prefer: facts. The facts tell us that the “Monitor everybody – always” concept is not a good reason to sacrifice the privacy of an entire population. We therefore formally challenge all politicians or actors in the Intelligence services to meet with us for a debate. You can decide the time, place and content. Jacta est alea!

3. General considerations

– The Constitution

We refer to paragraph 102 and leave it at that

– The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) // Cour de justice de l’Union européenne

Twice in the past two years, the EU has concluded that mass surveillance is illegal. The Pirate Party adds that it is also morally and ethically reprehensible. Here is an analysis of the Court’s decision: European Court of Justice rules against mass data retention in EU

– Norway’s adherence to international conventions

The Pirate Party is confident that the Norwegian government is aware of all the international treaties we have signed. This is just a reminder that we are signatory to many international treaties with the United Nations. We do not think it is necessary to list them all.