Enforced Transparency 101

CIA Director John Brennan

CIA Director John Brennan

When the ones who should be taking care of our security go bad, do bad things and fuck up the world someone must Enforce Transparency on them.

This just happened and #TheBrennan will be a part of history from now.

It’s not a bad thing to hack the bad and to expose their corruption / abuse of power. It’s an indication of a good hack when the bad are hacked. It is in fact supreme Lulz to do so.

The kuul thing is that his whole security clearance file is there. Kuul for everyone but Brennan, that is, since everyone he ever knew is in it. Hmmmm.

Hat tip @ 4:20 and high school teens making hero moves. All hail Enforced Transparency!

“Today, 21 October 2015 and over the coming days WikiLeaks is releasing documents from one of CIA chief John Brennan’s non-government email accounts. Brennan used the account occasionally for several intelligence related projects.

John Brennan became the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in March 2013, replacing General David Petraeus who was forced to step down after becoming embroiled in a classified information mishandling scandal. Brennan was made Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism on the commencement of the Obama presidency in 2009–a position he held until taking up his role as CIA chief.”

WikiLeaks Emails

~ by Raymond Johansen

Hackers and Journalists Partner for Enforced Transparency 3 | The Fifth Column


9958-cybercri_articleHacking: The Transparency Grenade
Hacking, whistleblowing and journalism are very effective tools in this regard. That is why we call it #EnforcedTransparency. In the image above you will see some of the most prominent enforcers the world has seen.  They are early innovators and should be hailed as heroes – not jailed as criminals.

via Hackers and Journalists Partner for Enforced Transparency | The Fifth Column.

A (Secure) Chat with WikiLeaks

Randomly created hillariousnessness from WikiLeaks

The Cryptosphere

WikiLeaks The Truth Will Win via РЕН ТВ | Новости on Twitter WikiLeaks The Truth Will Win via РЕН ТВ | Новости on Twitter

Today’s article comes to us from Interwebs Security correspondent Tyler L. Jones. It is his first appearance in the Cryptosphere.

WikiLeaks is at it again.

This time, in an effort to provide a method of secure communication between themselves and whistleblowers, they have developed what they claim is a secure chat system that anyone can connect to; upon connecting, you will begin a near-immediate conversation with a staff member at WikiLeaks. Today, I tried this new service out. The results were both interesting and hilarious; but, we’ll get to all of that in due time.

Here’s the Facebook announcement that started this adventure.

Immediately upon connecting to their secured chat service, I was met with the following message: “Welcome to our chat system. Someone will shortly join the chat and talk with you. Clicking destroy chat will entirely destroy this encrypted chat immediately. Closing…

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