INTERVIEW: Meet @88blackhatz of AnonIntelGroup



Social media has become a global community which mirrors real lives and real societies. In recent months some of us on social media have noticed that certain individuals and groups have become very familiar on our Facebook and Twitter feeds and are receiving a ground swell of support from many.

We, at Hacktivist Culture, would like to introduce readers to one such individual and group. This individual has become quite well known for the contributions they and their group are making through social media activism.

James St. Patrick aka @88blackhatss is the founder of the popular #IntelGroup also known as AnonIntelGroup or Anonymous Intelligence Group. #IntelGroup can also be found on wordpress:

The Anon, the man, the activist

We don’t want you to risk your anonymity but in order for our readers to be able to connect with you they need to understand a little bit about who you are. You have become a familiar, respected figure on social media, in Anonymous and social activist circles. In order to understand why, it helps if we understand who you are as a person or persona. So please tell us who James St. Patrick is?

Well first of all, I want to say thank you for having me . Thank you for the amazing work you have both done and are doing as we speak.

This would be my first formal interview and I’m honored it’s with you . So lets get to it…

Who is James St.Patrick? My response will always be “an idea”. I would describe myself as a person who not only wants change, but wants to be a part of the process that ultimately brings change. Maybe that’s what drew me to Anonymous. I was tired, of being tired you know? I genuinely want to help people. And I think I give people that feeling when they deal with me. I’m all work … no bullshit.

What are your passions in life? What do you hate and what do you love?

I am a big fan of everything . You name it and I can talk your ear off about it. I’m a huge advocate for marijuana.

I am a lover of life and everything in it. I am not afraid of fighting so long as I believe I’m fighting for what is right. Listing my dislikes would truly just boggle the mind. But trust me Police and Feds are 1 & 2 on that list. I hate the system. It’s rigged we know it, they know it, so lets fuck it up!

Can you share anything personal without risking your anonymity? Things like whether or not you have a family, personal/social commitments, involvement in community activism, career, or other information.

family_960_720Well I most definitely have a family who I get up and go to work for everyday. I am a father who’s devoted to his children. I am an active member of my community and I always try to give back. My family means the world to me. I try to lead by example both in real life and through my online identity.

What does your daily routine look like?

I go thru a lot of information on a daily basis. I mean people from all over the world are in constant contact with me sharing information. I spend a lot of my day reading and researching. I make sure I’m up to date on all current events, So we can always be in the best position to help our fellow brothers and sisters.

Watching your presence on social media we see that you have a multitude of friends and followers. Do you think they gravitate towards you because of your wit, good looks or knowledge? 😉

Well I definitely dont think its cuz of my looks, i think my followers for one, are the fucking greatest! Shout out to them, because nothing and I mean absolutely nothing would be possible without the tremendous amount of support I receive from them on a daily basis. But back to the question, I think people gravitate towards me because I dont clutter your timeline with useless shit.

I like to bring you information that you want, that you need. I don’t just report the news, I occasionally help create the news, I participate in the same things I bring awareness to. I have been consistent and I think people admire and respect that. I have been fortunate enough to meet great people doing great things. You know the saying ‘Real Recognize Real’, well I believe people believe in what I’m doing and who I’m doing it for and they support that.

Maneuvering through Anonymous is not easy without making enemies but i think others recognize what we are doing. We get a lot of support and we give back twice as much!

Does your handle @88blackhatss have any special significance?

8-8 stands for August 8th. That would be my birth month and day. Black is my favorite color. And everything I talk about is over your head like a Hat. 😉

Do you fear you have or will become the target of a federal investigation simply because you share Anon operations?

keep-calm-and-practice-good-opsecI refuse to live in fear of anything. The government will not and can not do anything to me they haven’t been doing to us already. I will not allow the fear of prison or death hinder our objectives.

The same way they operate with Authority and Impunity, so shall I.

I will continue to do everything in my power to contribute to the Anonymous idea. In our quest for truth, transparency, justice and freedom, I will not let fear be a factor.

“Let them not say we did nothing”

What do you think has changed in the world post-Snowden?

I think now we question security practices a lot more than we ever did. He changed the way people did business with big tech companies. He brought encryption to the forefront. Those companies all had to step up their securities as well. I mean what was that line they said “the scope of the compromised knowledge related to US intelligence capabilities is staggering”. He has become huge in our community.

What is your philosophy on life? Do you follow any particular belief system?

Me personally, I believe there’s pieces of truth in every religion. And no man can truthfully tell another that his beliefs are wrong.

But I will say this:
The complexity of life on this planet. The beauty of the universe. The dance the stars do across the heavens is no accident. I believe without a doubt in a higher power. An architect if you will. There’s no way I believe life just happened. So I believe in something greater. Who? Or What? I’m still working that out.

88 on #IntelGroup

You are the founder of Anonymous Intelligence Group also known as AnonIntelGroup or #IntelGroup. Many of us have seen your daily stream of news about what is going on in the Anon world as well as the world at large. Some people think that if you share a story, an op or a tweet that you support that particular action. Why don’t you tell us what #IntelGroup is, and what its primary function is?

Well the primary function would be the steady flow of information. Sometimes people do mistake a re-tweet or the sharing of an article as support. But we share everything with the intent that YOU the reader should have all the info on a matter to decide for YOURSELF what you should do.

For example :
Reporter shares an article about a man who threw a dog off a roof. That doesn’t mean the reporter supports this man, it means, Hey! This guy threw his dog off the roof and I want that information out because we need to do something about it!  You know what I’m saying.

Our site is designed to focus on what the mainstream will not cover. We do spotlights on activities coming up and causes, that without us, wouldn’t even get a mention.

What is your short term and long term vision for #IntelGroup?

Well we are still growing and naturally there are growing pains. I think we are at that point every Anon account goes through where people are taking shots. You know these Feds have no respect, morals or ethics. They stop at nothing to disrupt any momentum any movement has. And I don’t mean just Anonymous. Look around.

So, short term we want Health, Freedom And Love.

Anonymous activism is a fluid situation. Things change and move quickly. You can be on top of the world one minute … Hiding in Canada the next. We take it day to day and we just work hard!

Would you care to name any particular ops that #IntelGroup, past or present, supports or participates in?

anonymous-serena-shim-turkey.jpgWow yea … Thinking back we have supported 100’s of Op’s throughout my time in Anon.

But the ones we were hands on with were:
#OpFerguson – worked with the streamers on ground.
#OpDarrianHunt – worked with victims mother Susan
#OpICantBreathe – formed with daughter Erica Garner
#OpSerenaShim – Currently working with victims mother Judy .
#OpFlint – we worked it with the activist that first brought awareness (@C1ty_of_Fl1nt)

And more that aren’t coming to my head right now. But the point you get from my work is I’m anti police brutality and I work closely with the families. I do this for two reasons. 1. I like to know my help directly effects the victims families. And 2. I don’t like disrespecting the families by doing things in the child’s name that they don’t agree with. So if I’m not confident we are helping the family, we won’t participate.

Can people join #IntelGroup? If not, why not? If so, how? Are there requirements to be a member?

People can support IntelGroup. Joining is a different story. See I have built this up in a certain way and a certain style. I am proud of it . From where my idea started to where it is. I am appreciative for the blessing of having a platform. A voice. I have let people in before and those people are no longer with us. But they caused immediate problems and didn’t want to follow our vision. They used the name as a badge and did what they wanted.

Also to be honest … I did so much work and just fell into a pattern of working . That with the small team we got we have accomplished a lot . We all work hard . And by working at this pace, we don’t leave a lot for the next guy to do. But I’m open minded and I know talent when I see it. If anyone’s interested just contact me. Great minds think alike. Anonymous has no leaders. But #IntelGroup is a circle within circle. A sub division.

#IntelGroup has rules . We operate with ethics. We show respect. We demand respect. We aren’t dramatic. We don’t go back and fourth. We just Do Work. And people have come to appreciate that. I won’t let anything tarnish what we work for. Our actions always represent two things: #IntelGroup & #Anonymous

I’ve noticed that there are other people on Twitter who use the hashtag #IntelGroup. Are they members or supporters? What do they do for #IntelGroup? How do they contribute?

Some are members, most are supporters. Sometimes you see people use it who clearly don’t even know what it is. But have seen it so often on Twitter that they use it.
The hashtag #IntelGroup was first used for the reason of me not wanting to just hand the keys to our #IntelGroup accounts to just anybody. By others inserting the hashtag into their tweets, I would scan at the end of the day that hashtag and share the articles with the hashtag in it.

Then the hashtag took on a life of its own . And now people use it as like an Alert …. A bat signal if you will lulz

Do your members follow the same belief system that you do or do you accept people from a variety of beliefs? Is there a world view or core belief that everyone accepts and follows as a criterion for involvement in #IntelGroup? In other words – what is it that unites you as a group?

I don’t push my beliefs on anybody in #Intelgroup . But naturally we all just click . We operate with minimal contact yet stay in touch, we all got issues and things we push. Occasionally things clash but we manage to sort things out internally without much ruckus. There are no children here. We know what’s at stake and we mutually bond for justice , transparency and freedom. We are all fighters.

88 on Anonymous in general

Anonymous is seen by some as a headless collective that in recent years have lost their touch and effectiveness. Some have even concluded that all Anonymous ranks and ops have been so infiltrated by intelligence agencies, special interests and otherwise bad actors that they can never again exert any real positive impact on the world we live in. What are your thoughts on that?

91c5c6ba85820c033c1fc756ff6db962Well anytime money gets thrown into the mix it changes everything. Feds grab these kids and scare them. The next thing you know they offer a way out, throw em a couple bucks and boom your signing online identity agreements, and now the Feds are running a Twitter account. The shit gets crazy quick. But you know what? Name me a movement without these perpetrators and imposters . Name a movement they don’t try and discredit or hijack. There will always be these issues.

But I urge Anons to make a decision. If you’re doing this for money or fame, this is not a game. And the problem is, you don’t just hurt yourself but you almost always hurt people that actually care and fight out of the goodness of their hearts. I formed IntelGroup to actually control what we do. Anonymous is awesome and I love Anonymous. But it has flaws . And that, ‘anyone can be Anonymous’ bites you in the ass real quick. But see, not everyone can be #IntelGroup. Therefore we control the actions carried out in our name.

We control what we support. We can spark for #IntelGroup. There’s a contact. You can reach out and ask us shit, you know?

Do you think Anonymous will ever again be a part of world changing events like the Arab Spring?

Arab SPringFor sure. Every movement evolves. Anonymous is evolving every day . It has come such a long way. The snake with many heads gets one or two cut off daily but it continues to flourish. Maybe I’m biased.

Maybe I believe in the idea of Anonymous so much, I’m blinded. But from where I’m standing Anonymous is just getting started.

What do you think of the fact that at least one Anonymous op (one of the OpISIS ones) openly states that they are working with the Feds? Is this a good or bad thing? Or are you neutral towards ops like this one.

It’s disgusting . And I know some of those guys who made the switch. These muthafuckers spent an entire summer hitting Police Departments offline and fighting for #TamirRice and #DarrianHunt and then wake up one morning and are working with the Feds taking down #ISIS. People freaked. They trusted these guys. And this is just one case that we know about. Can you imagine the ones we don’t?

Back to the question is this a bad thing? Well from what I’ve experienced, any cooperation with law enforcement is a bad thing. But for fuck sake these people who do this never were pure. This is all a platform to do what they ultimately want to do which is be a fucking rat.

What is, in your opinion, the most important areas of interest to Anonymous?

Social Justice and Change. Internet Freedom. And Being the Voice For The Little Guy.

Anonymous has a love hate relationship with Julian Assange, but do you think that most still support the actions of WikiLeaks?

Everyone’s a critic. And while I do implore everyone to research and be patient with information. If you can’t?? Fuck it! Leak Dat Shit! I’d rather it leak than not. And I think everyone will agree you’d rather have something then nothing. I applaud Julian [Assange] for his work.

If you could change three things about how Anonymous operates, what would those be?

I am not one to criticize something without a solution and the problems Anonymous has right now are just too big for me to contemplate. I love Anonymous for the idea that it is and I will do my part to make it better.

What are your thoughts about our biggest signal boost channel, Your Anon News?

I have a great relationship with #YAN. Whether they admit it or not, they are the biggest voice for us in Twitter. YAN supports us and helps us carry our message further. I mean people don’t know this but #IntelGroup was formed in part because we couldn’t get YAN’s attention at first, being new and not knowing how to utilize Twitter better. I was like fuck it! I’ll make my own news account and push our own shit! Well thanks to that #IntelGroup is gaining ground and now our inspiration is a DM away. YAN has been doing amazing work for years. They have my Love and Support.

Everybody knows that you and every other anon would never support or endorse a political entity under the Anonymous label. Yet there seems to be a certain affinity between the Pirate Party and the Anonymous collective. What are your thoughts on that?

I think that the Pirate Party shares similar ideals. Like civil rights, free sharing of informationanon_pirates_by_cr3tiv3-d4ytykc, privacy, transparency, network neutrality as well as copyright and patent laws.

Like I said great minds think alike and I think when you get down to it Anonymous and The Pirate Party have a lot in common.

Plus name me a person who doesn’t think Pirates are cool. Lulz.

Do you believe that the unity that developed between Anonymous, Occupy and WikiLeaks in 2011 still exists (generally speaking)? If so, is/was this a good or bad thing? If not, should it be rebuilt?

I think like everything in life when things go wrong people try and pass the blame around. People grow and distance themselves from others. But I think it’s natural. All our paths crossed because we are all seeking the same thing. Truth and transparency. No relationships have been damaged beyond repair. We all just assumed more responsibility and that weight gets to be too much sometimes. But I believe we will all unite very soon. We are all playing the same game . We will forever be players.

– Interview by Kitty Hundal and Raymond Johansen for Hacktivist Culture 2k16

UPDATE 3 – Personal Statement: Do not cry wolf! #OpNimr

Sunday March 13th: Personal statement regarding the recent article in the Saudi state newspaper Okaz on Friday March 11 about four men condemned to death

From Dubai I hear the following: Death sentences against four Saudi men convicted of terrorism have been confirmed by 13 judges, a Saudi newspaper reported, raising the possibility of a new round of executions two months after 47 people including a prominent Shi’ite cleric were put to death.

To me this clearly says that on Thursday or Friday a court upheld and earlier verdict. The three juveniles, including Ali al-Nimr, had their verdict upheld last year by the SCC (Specialized Criminal Court). There is no reason why the 5 judges in the Supreme Court would again hear their cases. (As far as I know.)

Therefore logic dictates that these four executions have absolutely nothing to do with the Quatif juveniles. There is simply no way these things are connected and I suggest we can all breathe a sigh of relief today.

Let me add that the Okaz article clearly states that the four where connected to acts related to Daesh.

The four, including the older Al Nimr, were Shiites who were accused of involvement in shooting policemen. – an act that has never been connected to Daesh or Al-Queda.

Caution please!
Lastly I do not ask anyone to stop the pressure upon the Saudi government regarding the three juveniles. Quite the opposite. But I do caution everyone in the future to be more vigilant when spreading rumors when there is little to no fact present. It hurts the families to such an extent that you cannot even fathom it. In this I include all activists and especially Reprieve and Amnesty International.

I have been contacted by hundreds of activists regarding this, as it always happens when rumors become news articles. As a result I contact all of my sources, many of them risking their lives when talking to me.

There is a small chance that I am wrong in this but, as the Okaz article clearly states, we will hear from the Supreme Court in Jeddah early next week. At that point names will be published. In my experience we will read about it in a Dubai newspaper.

I was proven right. All three contacted their families and one of the mothers even got to visit her son on Sunday. I have however, received information, that four men was indeed executed on Sunday. The source is highly placed in the US State Department and cannot be named. My theory, repeat theory, is that they are not publishing this yet – simply waiting for a more opportun time to go public. The other theory is that nobody, but the murderer executed Sunday morning, was killed.

UPDATE 2 March 17: Last night Saudi Press Agency confirmed the 73rd execution in 2016 Omar al-Rabie was killed yesterday. My thinking is that we can expect two more executions of “criminals” in the near future.

UPDATE 3 March 19: A week after Amnesty scared three families and thousands of activists implying that Ali al-Nimr would be executed the next day the facts are in. A WEEK later. Go back to the drawing board and change the way you work. Are you trying to get more paying members by publishing articles about cruxifictions that anyone could see would never happen? 

جهود نشطاء في المملكة المتحدة – بريطانيا -مع نواب بريطانيون مستمرة لأجل حفظ دماء شبابنا الثلاثة #داوود_المرهون #علي_النمر #عبدالله_الزاهر

آخرها كانت رسالة رفعتها النائبة البرلمانية مارجريت فيرير Margaret Ferrier MP في (الحادي عشر) من هذا الشهر على خلفية انتشار خبر عكاظ المشئوم عن نية اعدام 4 أشخاص وربط الخبر بشبابنا الثلاثة. النائبة البريطانية رفعت خطاباً عاجلاً لرئيس الوزراء في (نفس اليوم) داعية الحكومة البريطانية للوساطة في الحيلولة دون إعدام الثلاثة المطالب بإعدامهم على خلفية تظاهرهم وهم قاصرون – بين سن 14 و17 على أساس ان اصغرهم كان عبدالله اعتقل وهو ابن 15 ربيعا –

التحرك من رئيس الوزراء في المملكة المتحدة – ديفيد كاميرون – السلطة العليا هناك جاء في اليوم التالي (الثاني عشر) من مارس. وذكر فيها أنه على علم بخبر إعدام الأربعة. وأضاف معلقا على النائبة : كما تعلمين حكومتنا خصصت تمثيلا منتظما عند الحكومة السعودية بخصوص قضية الشبان الثلاثة: علي النمر، داوود المرهون، وعبدالله الزاهر. ونظرا للتطورات فإن سفيرنا أوصل قلقنا لمستوى عالي الشأن – يمكن يعني أمير – في (الثاني عشر) من مارس. ولازلنا – هذا كلام ديفيد كاميرون – نعتقد بأن هؤلاء الثلاثة لن يعدموا

حركة شباب الأحرار

عين القطيف

Labek Yi Qatif

Ali Adubisi

Profile pix large
This statement resulted in an article from The Gad About town and can be read here Savethe3 – TheWorld Is Watching

Raymond Johansen – March 13 2016
Human Rights Activist and Global Pirate Activist

#Pirate Policy: Fostering Innovation for Researchers, Makers, and Hackers #Canada

Vote Pirate Party

Vote Pirate Party!

by Pirate Party of Canada.

Our patent laws have tended toward extension that often benefits monopolistic companies. A recent decreased in government transparency and changes to copyright laws makes access to research data more difficult and expensive for researchers, students, and the public. A new mandatory licensing should be implemented and fair use expanded to permit free use for non-commercial research purposes by anyone. This exemption shall include circumventing digital locks, which could be used to defeat fair use under bill C-32. Jake Andraka, high school child prodigy who came up with a potential cancer protein detection method, shows that breakthrough research does not necessarily come from academia or big corporations. Jake touts open access as the enabling resource that led to the success of his research. [Read More]

#ReElectNoone #VotePirate #VoteIndependent

Piracy vs Plagiarism, What is the difference?

by Kitty Hundal with contributions by Raymond Johansen

This article was inspired by a recent situation which occurred. The Hacker Wars, an article written by me, Kitty Hundal, with contributions by Raymond Johansen, was originally published with our permission to The Cryptosphere in April, 2015. The Cryptosphere is owned and operated by independent media journalist, Lorraine Murphy.

This week, that article was plagiarized by one of the authors on another site called AnonHQ. This author claimed the article was covered under a Creative Commons license. While the author didn’t specify which license, their statement indicated that they considered it a public domain license. It wasn’t.

AnonHQ did remove that plagiarized version on request by Lorraine Murphy, but two other sites that picked up that same plagiarized version from the AnonHQ site (before it was removed) have not removed it as per her request.

AnonHQ tweet

A Creative Commons license is only valid when the specific license (there are 6 different ones) is specified on the original source site, the terms of the license are included and all sites or authors who republish it link back to that license on the original source site.

The Cryptosphere, the original source site for the article (not AnonHQ), doesn’t have any license specified on the site. This means that by default they are covered by a standard All Rights Reserved copyright license. As a result their material is not available for republication without their explicit written permission, republication must be in full (no modifications) and the original content creators must be credited with the work on the site it’s republished on. In other words, the AnonHQ author (and AnonHQ) were required to get permission in writing to republish, they were required to republish the article in full (no derivation) and they were required to display my and Raymond Johansens names with the republished articles in order to give credit to us for the work. None of this was done. 

Because copyright law in most countries by default grants copyright holders monopolistic control over their creations, copyright content must be explicitly declared free, usually by the referencing or inclusion of licensing statements from within the work. ~Free Content Wiki

That said, it should be noted that I’m a strong supporter of the Pirate Movement and my previous career was in libraries (an area where copyright has been an issue for years). Raymond Johansen is an internationally recognized Global Pirate activist, a strong advocate for filesharing, and someone who has been involved in the Pirate Movement since it’s inception.

So, we are both very concerned about the new trends being pushed in copyright law and the impact they will have on file sharing, public libraries, and access to information and knowledge.

In this particular situation, my concern is that misguided people may be misled by people who don’t understand these issues clearly.

This article is my attempt to clarify these issues. 

~ Kitty Hundal

There’s been a lot of controversy in the media in recent years about Piracy (filesharing), which is a long standing internet tradition. Much of this drama has been created by organizations like the MPAA who are acting like spoiled toddlers. They claim to be defending the rights of the content creators when, in fact, they are actually defending only the rights of their corporate conglomerates. The industry that has been built around the content creators and exploits them mercilessly.

To a large extent, the Internet has freed the content creators from this gross exploitation and given them the ability to control both distribution and production of their creative works.

This is a problem for organizations like the MPAA and other industries (like music and publishing) because it eliminates the artists (content creators) reliance on the bureaucracy these industries have built around the artist. A bureaucracy which not only controls what kind of creative content is released to the public, it controls who can see it as well as when and where it can be seen.

The driving factor in the past for this bureaucracy’s existence has been the need by artists to have the financial means to produce good content and the resources to distribute it widely.

Today, with the Internet, that need can be met without this bureaucracy.

The content creator now has much more control over what they create, how they finance the production of the work, who produces it, as well as who distributes it. If the content creator is knowledgeable enough, they can take control of doing it all themselves with resources that are readily available to anyone on the Internet.

The consumer now has a great deal of control over what we see with a larger selection available to us, and we can choose where, when and how we view the content.

The MPAA, rather than accepting this new reality and building new business models within it, like the publishing and music industries are starting to do, is throwing temper tantrums instead. It is making demands of governments to impose numerous restrictions as well as engaging in the most corrupt manipulations (as the Sony Leaks have demonstrated) in order to maintain their outdated and useless business model.

Forcing such changes will only result in a ghettoization of the Internet. Such changes will also largely be unenforceable due to the technology and the demands of the consumers. In my opinion, it will, in the end, destroy this useless, outdated, monolithic model anyway. In other words, the MPAA is fighting an expensive but losing battle.

New, recent studies have demonstrated that a new business model which recognizes and accepts Piracy (filesharing) for what it really is (free storage, distribution, promotion and publicity) and incorporates it would be quite successful. Piracy has been shown to be a benefit to new content creators who are relatively unknown as well as established content creators.

A new study by a researcher at North Carolina State University suggests that frequently, pirated albums sell slightly more copies than ones that aren’t. “Leaked” albums that show up for download on popular BitTorrent sites before the release date have long been considered the bane of the Recording Industry Association of America. A 2007 report by the Institute for Policy Innovation suggested that piracy costs the U.S. economy $12.5 billion annually.

~Album Piracy May Help Musicians Sell: Study suggests pre-release file sharing may not hurt a known artist; industry might be another story.

The London School of Economics and Political Science has released a new policy brief urging the UK Government to look beyond the lobbying efforts of the entertainment industry when it comes to future copyright policy. According to the report there is ample evidence that file-sharing is helping, rather than hurting the creative industries. The scholars call on the Government to look at more objective data when deciding on future copyright enforcement policies. ~Piracy isn’t killing the Entertainment Industry, Scholars Show.

Piracy also provides another service which is of great benefit to the consumer. Like libraries, Pirates create sites which store content and preserve it historically. Those sites really are no different than your local public library and should be treated that way.

Of course, these benefits to Piracy were not planned by anyone, they just evolved in the same way that the Internet and many other aspects of Internet culture have evolved.

Piracy encapsulates the concept that knowledge, like the Internet, must be free.

So, what is the problem with Plagiarism then? After all, if we want knowledge to be free shouldn’t anyone be able to take it and use it however they want?

Sure. What they shouldn’t be able to do (and can’t do) is take credit for work that someone else was responsible for creating. That’s what plagiarism is.

Content creators take knowledge and create original works from that knowledge. Pirates store, distribute, publicize and promote the content creators works. Plagiarists take the original work and revise it or play other skanky tricks to make it look like their own, then distribute it as if it were their own.

Plagiarism is just one small step below the MPAA and their obsessive need to control content and content creators and ensure that they can exploit them and their content to the maximum for their own financial benefit.

Essentially, Plagiarists take things a step further. By not crediting the content creators directly they are implying that they are the content creators. The plagiarists basically look for interesting content on the web, steal it, modify it slightly, remove any credit to the original creator in or with the content on their site. If they bother to include a link back to the original article it’s because they know people will assume the item hasn’t been changed and won’t expect a different author or content creator. It’s a deceptive attempt to make it look like they’re following the requirements of copyright when they are not.

This is often justified with the misguided belief (based on Internet rumor) that anything on the Internet is Public Domain if not stated otherwise.

That is not the case.

If a Creative Commons license is used it has to be specified on the original web site and a link back has to occur directly to that license. If a Creative Commons license isn’t specified then the default is the standard ‘All Rights Reserved’ copyright.

Just to be perfectly clear, I support the Pirate Movement and based on recent studies it has been good for the artists and content creators even though it has been bad for the distributors. The Pirate Movement is not (irrespective of what the MPAA and others say) violating copyright in any way. They are doing what libraries do. Distributing the original unchanged content for free while giving the creators full credit for their works.

I also support the concept of Anonymous which includes the belief that information and knowledge like the Internet should be free. That concept also allows content creators to produce content and make that content free anonymously, if they choose to. This is a beautiful aspect of Anonymous culture, which I respect.

One aspect of Anon culture has been to take images (public domain or not), create memes, and distribute those memes. Like the Pirates, Anons and others who are redistributing those memes are not pretending they are the creators of the image. If the image does contain creator information, it is rarely (to my knowledge) removed. So, like the Pirates, Anons are simply engaging in free distribution and promotion of creative content they like. Some images have meme content that criticizes the content of the image in some way through parody or sarcasm. This is fair use.

Most Anonymous memes consist of original content created by Anons themselves. Any original works created under the Anonymous banner are public domain and freely distributed, derived from, etc.

As far as I know, the Anonymous concept doesn’t include plagiarizing content from other creators who don’t create it under the Anonymous banner, making minor modifications and then distributing it as if it were their own and/or Anonymous.

Now, the following differentiation is an important one to grasp. If an individual or corporation were to take an Anonymous meme or concept, and try to take creative credit for it by applying a copyright of some kind to it (exactly what the author on the AnonHQ site did to us), Anonymous would object and they would be wholly within their rights to object. In fact, they did object when a French company attempted to do this a couple of years ago. Note that trademarks are a form of copyright.

Anonymous row as French company trademarks logo

I do not support or agree with Plagiarism which hurts the content creators, the artists, and benefits the corrupt who are unable to create high quality content so they steal it from others for their own personal, career, and/or commercial benefit.

Libraries have fought these industries for years, particularly when audio  and video materials were introduced into libraries in the 1970s and 1980s. Libraries have also fought the plagiarists by refusing to publish their works and exposing them when discovered.

The concept of fair use through the Fair Use Doctrine was introduced to provide a balance between the rights of the public to information and knowledge and the rights of the content creator (usually also the copyright holder) to receive credit for and to benefit financially and otherwise for their creation.

Fair use allows for extractions in the form of quotes, critiques on content produced by others, news reporting on content created by others, introduction of content by educational institutions for educational purposes, etc.

In the US, the Fair Use Doctrine is defined as follows:

“In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include –

  1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
  2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
  3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
  4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
  5. The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.”

Source: Fair Use / American Library Association

So, essentially the difference between plagiarism and piracy is:

  1. Plagiarism is theft. It disrespects the content creator by stealing their content, often changing it, and doing so in such a way that the thief implies they are the creator. It often benefits the thief personally, career-wise and / or commercially and it violates the Fair Use Doctrine.
  2. Piracy consists of file sharing, storage, publicity and promotion for free. It respects the content creator by promoting the content creator and the content intact, distributing it widely and storing it in a historical archive in much the same ways that public libraries do. Pirates just do it in a cyber environment.

Article and expressions, but not the images, may be Shared freely. This was written by Kitty Hundal and Raymond Johansen. Thank you for your precious time. 

This work is licensed as Creative Commons – CopyLeft

Stop #TTIP – Newsletter

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Stop TTIP!

Dear friends,

One year ago who could have foreseen that opposition to mega murky free trade agreements would see the birth of a global movement; mobilising tens of thousands of people onto the streets around the world? Well that’s what happened first on 11 October 2014 and again just now on 18 April 2015!

From places as diverse as Hawaii to Argentina, the USA, Europe, Senegal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Korea and even Fiji, citizens in 46 countries or across 5 continents expressed a vehement, creative and insisting no
to TPP, TTIP, CETA and their siblings.

In Europe alone tens of thousands of people marched in Madrid, Munich, Paris, Vienna and many other cities. Globally 734 actions were organized and roughly 650 of them took place in Europe. Compared to the global day of action in October, the number of events increased, as did the number of participating countries.

On 18 April citizens and volunteers collected thousands of signatures for the Stop TTIP ECI. Between 8-10 June the European parliament will vote on a TTIP-resolution and it would be both; great and important if we could reach our target of two million signatures by the time of the vote.

And apropos gathering momentum: thank you for supporting the Giant Pencil Tour! Your generous donations have turned the idea into reality! Two Giant Pencils are ready for action and on their way to Romania and Danemark where they will premier on 1 May! At the time of writing the pencils have been booked in several countries with more reservations on their way. We also received a great amount of invitations to take one of the Giant Pencils to your home town and at various summer events. As we plan each tour we will visit as many as possible and will report back to you via our blog-space and social media.

Thank you for your support and
Best wishes,
Your Stop TTIP campaign team
(Michael Efler, Stephanie Roth and Cornelia Reetz)

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Protests against TTIP in Spain

Global Day of Action… and Inspiration!

On April 18th, Europe felt more united. Citizens all over Europe organized in hundreds of activities, flooded the squares of their cities to send a common and clear message to European politicians: No more trade agreements at the expenses of the environment and human rights!

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The Giant Stop TTIP Pencil

Ready, steady & go for the Giant Stop TTIP Pencil!

Your support and response for the giant pencil has been incredible: it turned the idea into reality! Your generous donations have come to cover 25 percent of the entire project budget; so we decided to go for it and do it! Hurrahhh here comes the giant StopTTIP Pencil!

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The European Parliament

European Parliament to vote on a TTIP resolution

The European Parliament is currently working on a resolution on TTIP. A vote in the plenary assembly is scheduled for early June. And although it will be considered a non-binding decision, it could have important implications for the TTIP negotiations. On the table are a multitude of hot issues such as public services, data flow, labour rights, regulatory cooperation…

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