In Memoriam – Justice 4 Jason Westcott

Jason Westcott

– By Kitty Hundal May 26 2k16

The second anniversary of Jason Westcott’s death is coming up on May 27, 2016 and his family will be hosting an Event in his memory.

—| Jason’s Two Year Memorial May 27th 2016 |—
1) Memorial on Friday at 7:00 pm in Oldsmar, Florida at the Memorial Park on Shore Drive.
2) Memorial on Friday at 4:00 pm in Rome, New York for family and friends at Pinti Field.

Jason Westcott was a young man whose death was a needless tragedy.

Why should this matter to you and me?

Like millions of others living in poverty and struggling to survive, Jason worked hard, smoked weed and occasionally sold small amounts to his friends for their personal use.

This is not the profile of a hardened criminal working within organized crime. It is not the profile of a man so dangerous that the police needed a SWAT team to arrest him and kill him in the process of that arrest.

He was a frightened man who had received death threats and who had been advised by the police to keep his gun available and use it if necessary. He followed their advice.

So, why did this tragedy happen?

It happened because abuse of power and corruption are infesting police forces and our justice system, from the lowest to the highest levels, around the world. This corruption and abuse of power is being treated as though it’s acceptable and a ‘necessary evil’ in the ‘war on drugs’.

It’s okay for confidential informants to lie if it suits the police agenda.

It’s okay for police officers to perjure themselves in court since their target must be guilty, according to them.

It’s okay for judges to toss people in jail at the drop of a hat and over the most minor of offenses, to assume guilt even if the evidence doesn’t warrant such an assumption, or, to violate their civil rights, if they are disenfranchised and can’t afford to fight back.

Tampa Bay is no different. It’s no better or worse.

SWATUnless we fix the problem of abuse of power and corruption no matter where it appears or at what level of society we will continue to have Jason Westcott’s die needlessly and tragically.

“In the minds of the Tampa police, Jason Westcott was expendable. Now that he’s dead, he’s just another piece of drug war collateral damage. Just like Eurie Stamps. Or Kathryn Johnston. Or Jonathan Ayers. Or Gonzalo Guizan. Or Isaac Singletary, Tarika Williams, Alberto Sepulveda, Pedro Navarro, Jose Guerena, Trevon Cole, Humbert Henkel, or Ramarley Graham, among others. There’s no need to reexamine the policies that led to these people dying, because these people simply aren’t that important. There have been dozens of Jason Westcotts before this one. And there will be more.”

Quote from: Meet Jason Westcott, your latest, needless, inexcusable drug war casualty , Washington Post, July 7, 2014.


Let’s take this opportunity to remember Jason as well as all of the other victims of state and police corruption and abuse of power.

Pledge in Jason’s name to expose and oppose these crimes.


#EnforcedTransparency #Justice4Jason

RIP In Memoriam

Background information

Informer, not neighbor complaints, led up to fatal Tampa pot raid

Meet Jason Westcott, your latest, needless, inexcusable drug war casualty

Times exclusive: Confidential informer blows whistle in fatal Tampa SWAT raid

Family plans to sue TPD over son’s death

Family plans to sue Tampa, blames police for man’s death


The article was written by Kitty Hundal, founder of Hacktivist Culture, a Canadian Activist and supporter of the Anonymous Collective.

Hacking Homelessness at Business Rocks

What do you get when you combine a hundred hackers with a bunch of business billionaires? Just maybe a solution for global homelessness!

Manchester, UK, April 15, 2016:  At 9am on April 21, the Business Rocks conference in Manchester will welcome the 48-hour Hackathon for Homelessness, bringing together hackers from around the globe, billionaire business leaders, and international activists to collaborate on producing a technological solution for the growing problem of global homelessness.

        They say that a nation should be judged by how they treat their most vulnerable and if trends in criminalization of the impoverished and homeless is any indication, the US & UK are absolutely losing this battle,” says US activist and actor Joe Fionda, one of the Hackathon panelists. The objective to the hackathon is to develop a universal human rights framework. We have government systems that have now devolved to the point in which the homeless and impoverished are criminalized, thus adding an even more crushing burden for those trying to escape this vicious cycle. This behavior is antithetical to the idea of the Social Contract and undermines the legitimacy of these institutions. The framework will also seek to establish an easily locally deployable decentralized model to bring aid to the homeless, wherever it may be, and do it at minimal cost. The amount of capital being used to criminalize the homeless, at the end of the day, is even more than it would cost to effectively deploy sustainable shelter and communities.”

There is also a medical component to this. Many homeless are often burdened with illness, be it physical or mental. Homelessness also can drive further mental illness. A universal framework will integrate recognition of mental illness not as a stigma to further ones homelessness but just the opposite. Effectively deployable technology to aid medical emergencies will be essential.”

The hackathon is a competitive event in which participants will form into teams and work to create an app or tool that directly impacts the lives of the homeless in a positive way while fitting into the framework of human rights that is also being developed on-site. Judging by the distinguished international panel takes place at 3pm on the 22nd, and the prize will be awareded at 4:30 on the main Business Rocks stage. A panel consisting of the homeless from Gary Neville’s Stock Exchange project, scientists, developers, technologists, social housing workers and experts on the current migrant crisis will set the ‘tech for good’ challenge.

Judges include Lord John Bird, founder and editor in chief of The Big Issue, Wesley Dove, a campaigner in the fight against homelessness who is homeless himself, Joe Fionda of NYC, Amy Varle of the People’s Property Shop, Steve Carr, whose walking protest and meditation Mind Canyon takes him from Land’s End to John O’Groats, Kieron Kirkland of CAST, Paul McNamee, award-winning editor of The Big Issue, Karl Sieber, Occupational Therapy Lead at Ticehurst House for Priory Group, and Daniel Robinson, evaluation funder at social tech funder Nominet Trust.

From Manchester’s City Centre to the shores of the Mediterranean, homelessness isn’t just about rough sleepers and migrants fleeing war zones, it’s about the needed change in the hearts and minds of those in a position to use their skills to help solve the growing crisis.
This is a project inspired by the homeless, for the homeless.

Follow the hackathon:

On Twitter

On our website

Or in person at Business Rocks! Business Rocks is actively seeking partners with a development, education, technology and humanitarian focus to join us in a mass-scale effort to affect social change.

UPDATE 3 – Personal Statement: Do not cry wolf! #OpNimr

Sunday March 13th: Personal statement regarding the recent article in the Saudi state newspaper Okaz on Friday March 11 about four men condemned to death

From Dubai I hear the following: Death sentences against four Saudi men convicted of terrorism have been confirmed by 13 judges, a Saudi newspaper reported, raising the possibility of a new round of executions two months after 47 people including a prominent Shi’ite cleric were put to death.

To me this clearly says that on Thursday or Friday a court upheld and earlier verdict. The three juveniles, including Ali al-Nimr, had their verdict upheld last year by the SCC (Specialized Criminal Court). There is no reason why the 5 judges in the Supreme Court would again hear their cases. (As far as I know.)

Therefore logic dictates that these four executions have absolutely nothing to do with the Quatif juveniles. There is simply no way these things are connected and I suggest we can all breathe a sigh of relief today.

Let me add that the Okaz article clearly states that the four where connected to acts related to Daesh.

The four, including the older Al Nimr, were Shiites who were accused of involvement in shooting policemen. – an act that has never been connected to Daesh or Al-Queda.

Caution please!
Lastly I do not ask anyone to stop the pressure upon the Saudi government regarding the three juveniles. Quite the opposite. But I do caution everyone in the future to be more vigilant when spreading rumors when there is little to no fact present. It hurts the families to such an extent that you cannot even fathom it. In this I include all activists and especially Reprieve and Amnesty International.

I have been contacted by hundreds of activists regarding this, as it always happens when rumors become news articles. As a result I contact all of my sources, many of them risking their lives when talking to me.

There is a small chance that I am wrong in this but, as the Okaz article clearly states, we will hear from the Supreme Court in Jeddah early next week. At that point names will be published. In my experience we will read about it in a Dubai newspaper.

I was proven right. All three contacted their families and one of the mothers even got to visit her son on Sunday. I have however, received information, that four men was indeed executed on Sunday. The source is highly placed in the US State Department and cannot be named. My theory, repeat theory, is that they are not publishing this yet – simply waiting for a more opportun time to go public. The other theory is that nobody, but the murderer executed Sunday morning, was killed.

UPDATE 2 March 17: Last night Saudi Press Agency confirmed the 73rd execution in 2016 Omar al-Rabie was killed yesterday. My thinking is that we can expect two more executions of “criminals” in the near future.

UPDATE 3 March 19: A week after Amnesty scared three families and thousands of activists implying that Ali al-Nimr would be executed the next day the facts are in. A WEEK later. Go back to the drawing board and change the way you work. Are you trying to get more paying members by publishing articles about cruxifictions that anyone could see would never happen? 

جهود نشطاء في المملكة المتحدة – بريطانيا -مع نواب بريطانيون مستمرة لأجل حفظ دماء شبابنا الثلاثة #داوود_المرهون #علي_النمر #عبدالله_الزاهر

آخرها كانت رسالة رفعتها النائبة البرلمانية مارجريت فيرير Margaret Ferrier MP في (الحادي عشر) من هذا الشهر على خلفية انتشار خبر عكاظ المشئوم عن نية اعدام 4 أشخاص وربط الخبر بشبابنا الثلاثة. النائبة البريطانية رفعت خطاباً عاجلاً لرئيس الوزراء في (نفس اليوم) داعية الحكومة البريطانية للوساطة في الحيلولة دون إعدام الثلاثة المطالب بإعدامهم على خلفية تظاهرهم وهم قاصرون – بين سن 14 و17 على أساس ان اصغرهم كان عبدالله اعتقل وهو ابن 15 ربيعا –

التحرك من رئيس الوزراء في المملكة المتحدة – ديفيد كاميرون – السلطة العليا هناك جاء في اليوم التالي (الثاني عشر) من مارس. وذكر فيها أنه على علم بخبر إعدام الأربعة. وأضاف معلقا على النائبة : كما تعلمين حكومتنا خصصت تمثيلا منتظما عند الحكومة السعودية بخصوص قضية الشبان الثلاثة: علي النمر، داوود المرهون، وعبدالله الزاهر. ونظرا للتطورات فإن سفيرنا أوصل قلقنا لمستوى عالي الشأن – يمكن يعني أمير – في (الثاني عشر) من مارس. ولازلنا – هذا كلام ديفيد كاميرون – نعتقد بأن هؤلاء الثلاثة لن يعدموا

حركة شباب الأحرار

عين القطيف

Labek Yi Qatif

Ali Adubisi

Profile pix large
This statement resulted in an article from The Gad About town and can be read here Savethe3 – TheWorld Is Watching

Raymond Johansen – March 13 2016
Human Rights Activist and Global Pirate Activist

PRESS RELEASE: Miracle Cloned Boxer Dogs To Be Born Live On Boxing Day


24th December, South Korea

UK couple to witness the birth of their miracle clone dog

Heartbroken at the death of their beloved Boxer dog Dylan, Laura Jaques and Richard Remde soon found themselves questioning whether they could use DNA to create new puppies.

In a first for South Korean company Sooam Biotech, Dylan was cloned from cells that had been dead for 12 days, sparking much debate.

The Yorkshire couple were surprised to learn that 2 identical embryos had developed and that their puppies would be born on the 26th and 27th December.


Dolly The Sheep of the Social Media age is causing quite a stir in the run-up to a live stream of the births, live from Sooam’s secretive and controversial lab.

The Guardian article: UK couple have dead dog cloned in South Korea

For access to the story, contact Nathan Newman, currently with Richard and Laura in South Korea.

+44 7411 745 653 (WhatsApp)

‪#‎IMSIcatchers‬ | Oslo under surveillance


#PST Norway spied on it’s own country’s government, financial industry and foreign embassies in #Oslo.

I base this on OSINT information having followed the case ever since the newspaper Aftenposten revealed the existence of IMSI catchers in central parts of the capital. The same was discovered in Stockholm. London and all over the US.

PST tried, in vain, to discredit the newspaper and their experts. (Later they apologized to the latter, Delma, a British security firm). Then they took part in a white wash investigation which they later “closed”. The capital police was also caught blatantly lying about the frequency of their use of the technology.

Most pundits speculated that there was only two categories of suspects. criminals and foreign Intelligence services. I contend that there is a third.

Namely our own Norwegian intel services. Their behavior, lies and spins makes it the most reasonable conclusion. It is noteworthy to mention that IMSI catchers are produced by a US company in Florida, and the fact that Norway has a very special relationship with the Americans. Norway is in fact one of nine countries in the so called 9 Eyes Alliance.

It is my sincere hope that Aftenposten and other newspapers continue to work on this case, because the implications if I am correct are enormous.

It is not the first time the intelligence services in Norway have been caught spying on their own government. Anonymous Norway​ will continue to try to “find” evidence, sharing this information with media.

There is no doubt that certain politicians have been complicit in helping cover up what has really happened here and they will of course be a target of our investigation too. Again, using only OSINT resources. (At least those of us that reside in Norway.)

For the more nerdy of you, here is an article with loads of technical information and links to sources that documents each and every word in this post.