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Anonymous activist X3lj: facing a possible 18 years in jail for alleged participation in #OpCatalunya

Pwnage to Catalonia: Five Things We Know About OpCatalunya

An alleged hacker from Vila-rodona, accused of having illegally accessed a total of 41 websites of different bodies and entities, faces a sentence of 18 years in prison for five continuing crimes of unauthorized access, four more continuous discovery and disclosure of secrets to seize confidential personal data recorded in files and media, and finally two more continuous computer damage.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office, in its provisional indictment, also requests the payment of a fine of 10,800 euros, which for the duration of the sentence is disqualified by any trade or profession related to the provision of computer services and also a ban on access to a telecommunications network and contracting of internet services through telecommunications service providers, providers of access to a telecommunications network or information society services for a period of more than one year. the prison sentence imposed on him.

“But what disgusts me the most is that I can get more years than the abuser or rapist on duty. more than 18 years to fight for the freedoms of everyone on the net.” – @YourAnonX3lj

In terms of civil liability, it faces paying 165.55 euros to the Fundación de Ferrocarriles Españoles, 1,095.60 to Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores SA and 500 to Tesoro Público. And finally, the Public Ministry requests that the confiscated material, once formatted, be destroyed.

Social Networks
The defendant is a neighbor of the aforementioned town of Alt Camp who on February 2, 2012 registered an account on the social network Twitter. Membership in the Anonymous movement was attributed to the inclusion of related logos and slogans. He also used identifying information from the so-called Operation Catalonia through the hashtag #OpCatalunya. The defendant, who had up to 1,232 followers in the said account, has his domicile in Vila-rodona.

The prosecutor’s account goes on to point out that the defendant, “for the purpose and purpose of being introduced on different web pages, without the permission of the administrators of the same, obtained information and data reserved or secret and made this information available to third parties ». The attacks took place between December 17, 2017 and February 27, 2018.

“I’ve been waiting for trial since I got out of the filthy civil guard dungeon, but life is like this, I’m just one more revolutionary f’^ked by the state.” – @YourAnonX3lj

With this system, for example, the defendant carried out an attack on the website of the Fundación de Ferrocarriles Españoles. There, he removed access data from the webmaster, creating a new one as well as new entries on the news board, claiming responsibility for the attack. Modified tables in the page databases and accessed tables, personal affiliation data, usernames, email accounts, and passwords.

And on February 8, 2018, through this account, he posted two messages with information regarding this attack. In the first, posted at 12:47 p.m., he claimed responsibility for the attack by displaying four images containing a sample of the information collected through illegitimate intrusion into its database and a capture with the modification of the website. . It also included tags with #Anonymus, #OpCatalunya and #FreeCatalanPoliticalPrisioners. In the second message, posted at 1:26 p.m., it showed captures and passwords recorded on the website.

A server from Italy
In other cases, such as when he entered the website of the Center for Astrobiology of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), he used a server in Italy to hide his IP address. He took names, surnames and email addresses of people linked to this website. This information was later made public through his Twitter profile.

In most attacks, he obtained usernames, passwords, and emails. Also bank and PayPal data.

On February 27, 2018, officers, with judicial authorization, preceded him to enter the suspect’s home in order to search him. They confiscated a desktop computer, a hard drive extracted from the computer, a flash drive and a mobile phone.

Parts of this article was translated from an article originally in the Catalan language written by Àngel Juanpere – published on 06/28/2020. https://www.diaridetarragona.com/amp/tarragona/Demanen-18-anys-de-preso-per-a-un-hacker-de-Vila-rodona-20200628-0056.html?__twitter_impression=true

Craig Murray asks for support “Authoritarianism is Shoddy”

This is a copy of what Craig Murray,(friend of Mr Assange), posted today where he asks for support from the community. Like Mr. Assange, Murray is getting at taste of what happens when the establishment comes for you. The rules of law being bent and abused to take down a truth teller is something that concerns us all. The below is an unedited copy of Murray’s blog post

Well, it is really happening. It is something of a shock to see yourself listed as a criminal for writing the truth. I have a tiny extra glimpse now into the way my friend Julian has been feeling.

Three appeal court judges even at the procedural hearing – though not unheard of, that is not normal. The state is sparing no resources on this; in a sense I am flattered.

There will be no jury at the eventual trial, and this worries me. Not least because the indictment (called a “petition”) contains within itself evidence that this process is a stitch up. Please help me here, and read paras 49 to 56 of the indictment after reading this explanation.

Para 49 of the indictment is an utter garble. It states that I sent a twitter message beginning “It is respectfully submitted…”.

I sent no such twitter message. Para 50 is missing. This is not a misnumbering, para 50 really is missing. I assume my twitter message, intended to be quoted at para 49, and whatever led in to the Crown’s argument beginning “it is respectively submitted” were in the missing section.

At para 53 the same thing happens again. It explicitly states that I published another tweet starting: “it is respectfully submitted that”.

I published no such tweet. Again the indictment does not give the actual text of the tweet complained of, even though it claims to do so. This time two paragraphs are clearly missing, and again this is not just a misnumbering, because of the missing material. It jumps from 53 to 56.

In short, the indictment from paras 49 to 56 is an inoperable jumble, with three paras missing from two different locations and which does not even contain – though it states it does – the very tweets which form part of the alleged offence with which I am charged.

You may argue this does not matter, and clerical errors are easily corrected. But that is to miss the point. I used to prepare official documents in my 20 year diplomatic career, from ministerial replies to members of the public to fully fledged international treaties.

A Diplomatic Note to a foreign government, which has a legal status, might be the best comparator from my work to this indictment or petition. I always scrupulously proof read every one I sent before signing. It is unthinkable that a Diplomatic Note would be sent containing not one but a series of major, material errors.

Is this document any less solemn? It is an indictment on which they are attempting to brand me a criminal and potentially send me to prison for up to two years. It is signed by Alex Prentice, Depute Advocate General on behalf of the Lord Advocate, and by the senior judge, Lord Turnbull.

But one thing is abundantly clear. Neither Alex Prentice nor Lord Turnbull can have carefully read through the document before they signed it. I do not believe for one moment that they would knowingly sign off a document containing such major errors. The judge, in particular, is meant to weigh carefully the matter to see if there really is a case to answer before he signs the Crown’s “petition”. But, I say it again, plainly Lord Turnbull has not actually read through it; or he would never have signed this garbled mess.

I am advised that it may be “contempt of court” for me to point out that Lord Turnbull signed this without reading it. But when a law makes it illegal to point out a blindingly obvious fact, then the law is an ass.

If Lord Turnbull does not wish to be criticised, he should try doing his job properly and actually paying attention to what he signs.

Contempt is the right word. I have a great deal of contempt for anybody who would send me such a portentous legal document rotten through with utterly careless error which would have been spotted by even a cursory reading of the document.

They did not read it. The judge who approved it did not read it.

Neither of them bothered to read the indictment or petition because it had already been decided to “get” Craig Murray and it therefore did not matter what the document actually said. The content of the charges is immaterial to them. Otherwise, they would have read them before signing. There can only be two reasons for that failure. The first is incompetence. The second is corruption. In a sense, it does not matter which it is in this case.

A state which is turning to authoritarianism to crush dissent does not need to be very careful about matters of process.

The failure of both Prentice and Turnbull to read before signing is not important for the mistakes in the document, which can be remedied by a new document. It is important because of the clear indication of attitude. This prosecution is abuse of process, a clear Article Six violation under the European Convention on Human Rights.

A series of facts make this abundantly plain. The abuse of process lies in this combined with the extraordinary selectivity in prosecuting me, when others who can be objectively proven to have much more effectively produced “jigsaw identification” are not prosecuted. There is a very clear political motivation behind the selection of who to prosecute and who not to prosecute.

When you put together the facts that there is overwhelming evidence that mainstream media journalists were more guilty of “jigsaw identification” than I, that systematic police action is being taken to harass only supporters of Alex Salmond, and that they don’t even care what the indictment to be used against me actually says, the overall picture becomes very, very clear.

Authoritarianism doesn’t have to worry about mistakes in the indictment, because it can just smash you in the face with the jackboot. That is what is happening here.

My own view is that they were so keen to “get” Craig Murray they just signed without any proper scrutiny whatsoever. I don’t see any other conclusion. Do you?

They do not have the excuse that this is routine. Major prosecutions for contempt in Scotland are extremely rare – the last one was Aamer Anwar about a decade ago (it failed).

So why could the state be so keen to prosecute Craig Murray, that is doesn’t even care what is in the indictment, or even if it is drawn up with the most basic level of competence? Well, I refer you to this excellent letter setting out the fact that the state is only acting against those who defended the innocent Alex Salmond, even though his detractors were much more in contempt of court. And I refer you to the Panelbase opinion poll which showed that very substantially more people who know the identities of the accusers, learnt them from the mainstream media.

I remain clear that I identified nobody. If I had wanted to, I would have done so openly. I have never been noted for cowardice.

The other accusation, that I wrote articles stating that the prosecution of Alex Salmond was a fit-up, is something I state again here. It is a proper exercise of my freedom of speech under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Actually, you don’t have to go past the very first sentence of the indictment to understand what is happening here. It reads “On 23 January 2019, Alexander Elliott Anderson Salmond was arrested by police officers in relation to a number of incidents that had taken place in Scotland.”

“That had taken place”.
Not “alleged to have taken place”.
“That had taken place”.
And Prentice wrote this, and Turnbull signed it off, after the acquittal.

After independent witnesses gave eye witness accounts that several of the incidents had not taken place at all. After it was demonstrated in court that the accuser of the most serious offence was not even present when she claimed the offence took place.

After the jury threw out the pile of ordure that the very same Alex Prentice as prosecuting counsel presented to them.

“That had taken place”. No, most of the incidents had not taken place at all, and none in the form alleged.

Right at the start, this wording gives away the motivation. The conspirators have still not psychologically processed the fact their attack on Alex Salmond was foiled by the jury. The Crown is now coming at Mark Hirst and at me in an effort to get some kind of victory from this massive waste of public resources. The conspirators seek to assuage their massive humiliation in the failure of a prosecution that stank and quite obviously ought never to have been brought.

I am not going to pipe down under this abuse of process and attack on freedom of speech. On the contrary, this will be a reasoned, forceful and very public resistance.


The hearing on 10 June is supposed to be public, but it will be virtual because of coronavirus. While it is a case management hearing, I shall nevertheless be grateful if you are able to “attend” virtually, as I am very keen indeed that I am not stitched up out of the public eye. Please send an email requesting access to the virtual hearing on 10 June to judicialcomms@scotcourts.gov.uk. I am very keen as many people do this as possible. Journalists please in addition copy in communications@scotcourts.gov.uk for accreditation.

Secondly, many people come to this blog through social media and I am currently suffering a very high level of suppression, on Facebook and especially on Twitter. Rather than just retweet and share any soical media post that brought you here, (which may appear on the face to have worked but the dissemination will be suppressed), I would be very grateful if you could also write your own new posting and put a link. If you have your own blog or access to one, a commendation of this post with a link would be very welcome, even if it is not your normal policy. And finally of course, the entire post is free as always to copy, republish and translate as you wish.

#OPINION – Rampant Intellectual Dishonesty and its consequences

From every corner of my world I hear people saying, and getting away with it, that Wikileaks helped Manning steal documents. Saying that it’s a crime and that Assange must face justice. Everybody knows thats not at all why.

Wikileaks have released over 10 million documents, parts of which has embarrassed the powerful by clearly showing criminal behaviour by those that are supposed to represent the people. It’s a warning dressed as revenge, pure and simple. It’s chilling effect cannot be overlooked.

Anyone claiming to actually believe Assange is arrested for attempting to hack a password is a liar. A few lie to themselves or suffer from complete and utter ignorance – while others blatantly & willfully bend the truth beyond recognition.

If your’e a journalist, you should understand that these glaringly provable lies not only hurts your credibility but all of the 4th estate’s ability to hold the powerful accountable. Your’e aiding and abetting the creation of totalitarian rule. Not born of law, but of greed.

About *The Willfully Blatantly Intellectually Dishonest* I say:

Forgive them Not for They Know full well what They are Doing.

Many are running around saying Mr. Assange is not a journalist. Its not only laughable, its downright ridiculous – coming from someone that breaks the only unwritten law about journalism we all tended to agreed on:

– To confront and undress the corrupt and criminal – by reporting on it

Dressing up this “rendition” as a charge of hacking, (CFAA), that will only give Assange 5 years in jail and not hurt journalism – is pure and utter bullshit and you have to a moron to think we swallow that you actually believe what you are serving up. It’s a narrative, is all.

Americans are specialists in constructing narratives making even the worst crimes against humanity look like humanitarian expeditions. The country has basically taken the dressing up of pigs to a whole new level whereby it seems, from the outside, it has become the national sport.

At some point history will treat you badly, of that I’m sure, but your victims are paying the price now. We, the concerned citizens of the world. are guilty of letting you get away with it. I feel shame, in myself and my fellow man. We are the “the submissive void” of our time.


Raymond Johansen – April 2019

Press Release: Swiss Domain Registry Switch threatening to disable wikileaks.ch


Statement from The Swiss Pirate Party in English, German and French. It also doubles as an open letter to Wikileaks and their team.

F o r   i m m e d i a t e   r e l e a s e – April 18th 2017


Swiss Domain Registry Switch threatening to disable wikileaks.ch

The Pirate Party of Switzerland owns the domain wikileaks.ch. This site is not operated by the Pirates, but rather directs to the servers of wikileaks.org. Last Friday the Pirate Party of Switzerland informed the Wikileaks team that the Swiss domain registry Switch had detected malware under that domain and was threating to disable it. Wikileaks has not yet reacted to that message.

Contrary to the information provided by Switch, no drive-by infection is present on wikileaks.ch. A drive-by can infect a computer even when the URL is only viewed in the browser without any explicit download. The malware served by Wikileaks is instead wrapped in a zip file attached to an email provided for download. No danger is therefore present execept if one were to download the mail, open it in a mail client, decompress the attached zip and run the content.

Stefan Thöni and Giuillaume Saouli, Co-Presidents of the Pirate Party of Switzerland have made the following statement: At a time when Wikileaks is the target of renewed attacks, we dont know what angers us more: That Switch wants to censor a domain for serving a malware thats only dangerous when installed voluntarily, or that Wikileaks is unable to react to problems in a timely fashion.

The Swiss Pirate Party is proud of its long lasting support for Wikileaks, and it would be upset to learn that access to this website would be disrupted.

Stefan Thöni, Co-Präsident

+41 79 610 64 95


Twitter: @pirateexception

Guillaume Saouli, Co-Président

+41 78 921 3740


Twitter: @gsaouli


Piratenpartei Schweiz




Schweizer Domain-Registry Switch droht Wikileaks.ch abzuschalten

Die Piratenpartei Schweiz ist Inhaberin der Domain wikileaks.ch, betreibt diese jedoch nicht selbst, sondern lässt die Domain auf die Server von wikileaks.org zeigen. Am Freitag hat die Piratenpartei Schweiz das Team von Wikileaks informiert, dass die Schweizer Domain-Registry Switch unter der Domain Schadsoftware entdeckt hat und die Abschaltung angedroht hat. Wikileaks hat bis jetzt nicht auf diese Mitteilung reagiert.

Entgegen der Meldung von Switch handelt es sich jedoch nicht um eine sogenannte Drive-by-Infektion, die einen Computer beim blossen aufrufen der Webseite im Browser infizieren kann, sondern nur um eine auf Wikileaks gespeicherte Mail, welche in einem gezippten Anhang einen Schädling enthält. Die Datei ist also harmlos, solange man sie nicht vom Wikileaks runterlädt, im Mailprogramm öffnet und den Anhang auspackt und ausführt.

Stefan Thöni und Guillaume Saouli, Co-Präsidenten der Piratenpartei Schweiz sagt dazu: «Wir weissen nicht, was uns mehr ärgert: Dass Switch eine Domain zensieren will, weil sich eine Malware drauf befindet, die man mutwillig installieren müsste, oder dass Wikileaks nicht fähig ist, auf solche Probleme zeitnah zu reagieren.»

Die Piratenpartei Schweiz unterstützt Wikileaks seit einigen Jahren und möchte verhindern, dass diese Seite, welche viel für Transparenz weltweit getan hat, offline geht.


Le registre suisse de domaine (.ch) Switch menace de délister wikileaks.ch

Le Parti Pirate Suisse (PPS) est propriéatire du domaine wikileaks.ch, ce dernier est utilisé pour rediriger le trafic internet vers le site de Wikileaks (wikileaks.org), qui, lui, n’est pas administré ni exploité par le PPS. Vendredi dernier, le PPS a transmis à Wikileaks des informations reçues de la part de Switch, qui gère les noms de domaines, qui faisait état d’un problème de sécurité extrêmement sévère, et d’une date butoire afin que ce problème soit réglé.

Après une analyse approfondie des spécialistes en sécurité informatique du Parti Pirate, il s’avère que Switch n’a pas correctement identifié le problème de sécurité, ni proprement qualifié ce dernier. 

En l’espèce, il ne s’agit pas d’une attaque drive-by, qui pourrait infecter un ordinnateur par le simple fait qu’un utilisateur entre l’URL dans son navigateur, mais plus classiquement d’une pièce jointe à un email, faisant partie d’une série de documents publiés par Wikileaks. En effet, il faudrait que l’utilisateur télécharge les documents, sélectionne le mail, l’ouvre dans sa messagerie, puis ouvre la pièce jointe pour être infecté.

Guillaume Saouli et Stefan Thöni sont préoccupés: “Au moment où Wikileaks est à nouveau la cible d’attaques, nous ne savons pas ce qui est le plus agaçant: le fait que Switch veuille censurer un nom de domaine pour avoir partagé un document contenant un malware, ou le fait que Wikileaks soit dans l’incapacité de réagir rapidement et efficacement dans une telle problématique.

Le PPS soutient Wikileaks depuis plusieurs années, il serait peiné de voir disparaitre cet accès au site.

#UK “The nightmare you have yet to have

#UK “The nightmare you have yet to have is already a reality”

Snoopers Charter, Investigatory Powers Bill or whatever the flock you choose to call it. Its mass surveillance that will end up leaving you flabbergasted. Here someone made a list of everyone that will get access to your stuff. Go through the list and think about how many you know or know of that works in these places. Then…. simply try to imagine what fuckery they can bestow upon you when they look you up.
Metropolitan Police Service
City of London Police
Police forces maintained under section 2 of the Police Act 1996
Police Service of Scotland
Police Service of Northern Ireland
British Transport Police
Ministry of Defence Police
Royal Navy Police
Royal Military Police
Royal Air Force Police
Security Service
Secret Intelligence Service
Ministry of Defence
Department of Health
Home Office
Ministry of Justice
National Crime Agency
HM Revenue & Customs
Department for Transport
Department for Work and Pensions
NHS trusts and foundation trusts in England that provide ambulance services
Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service
Competition and Markets Authority
Criminal Cases Review Commission
Department for Communities in Northern Ireland
Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland
Department of Justice in Northern Ireland
Financial Conduct Authority
Fire and rescue authorities under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004
Food Standards Agency
Food Standards Scotland
Gambling Commission
Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority
Health and Safety Executive
Independent Police Complaints Commissioner
Information Commissioner
NHS Business Services Authority
Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust
Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue
etc etc