Pursuance Project – Temporary 3rd Party Collaboration Tools

stevephillipsPrivacy enhancing tools from Steve Phillips, lead developer and project manager of the Pursuance Project. Click here to download the PDF with the list of tools.


For end to end encrypted ad hoc chats use LeapChat It is in its infancy and functions will be added in the coming days and weeks. The devs are looking for feedback on functionality. Permanent encrypted chat for the whole Pursuance wide community: Click here for LeapChat for Pursuance end to end encrypted chat.

CollabTo decide on meeting times or other things feel free to use the following tools while we wait for native “apps”: For scheduling use International Meeting planner and Doodle. When the community has grown Doodle can also be used for voting.

For fast burn note sharing of passwords and the like I recommend PRIVNOTE.

For a slower burn rate on sharing small files, passwords, or other secrets, use MiniShareRiseup or Cryptag.

For collaboration feel free to either use Etherpad supplied by the Tech team of the Pirate Party of Norway or an encrypted version for work of a more sensitive nature: CryptPad.

bull-hornSignal Boosting:

For getting projects or results of projects boosted on twitter, DM @rayjoha2 starting with the words #SignalBoost. Potential reach around 400k followers. Indirect reach 5 times that. Same goes for Facebook marketing. DM me in Twitter. The reach there is considerably higher for suitable content. You can also, if it relates to activism simply add #ppiboost to your tweet.

For twitter activities: Pastebin or Tweet Intents, a very useful tool to generate Intent twitter links.

User and admin doc: MatterMost

Project description: Pursuance Project


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