Lauri Love aka @LauriLoveX permanently banned from Twitter

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Lauri Love, aka @LauriLoveX has been permanently banned from Twitter over an alleged “violent threat”.

This is a call to action.

While it is unclear as to what he posted that got him banned or even suspended in the first place, it is believed that this “violent threat” referenced by the Twitter support team is either Lauri’s Tweets about punching Nazis, or perhaps a post that Lauri made on Facebook after he was temporarily suspended from Twitter, which was later screen-capped and shared by multiple accounts. It is also suspected that those in charge of Twitter are resentful of the fact that Lauri and his community reacted to his suspension by openly expressing their outrage to them directly, so this is their extremely petty way of getting back at Lauri.

We must put pressure on Twitter to do the right thing and reinstate Lauri’s account, as well as stop suspending and banning people for speech that they are not personally in favour of.

Please send direct messages and tweets to @Jack, @Twitter, and @Support, as well as contact Twitter through the support center: You can also email Twitter directly and we encourage everyone to do so:

In your tweets, please use the hashtag #FreeSpeechFreeLauri,as well as #FreeLauri and #AntiFa.

Many of Lauri’s friends and supporters were concerned that his Twitter suspension was a result of pressure from UK authorities leading up to his potential extradition from the UK to the USA over hacking charges, which he is currently appealing. Lauri’s Facebook post was meant to put all of us at ease:

“Friends, Nazi-punchers, autonomist comrades-at-arms…
I have been suspended by Twitter. I don’t know why. Probably because of silly tone-policing algorithms and/or butthurt white supremacists.

However, it is not because I am about to be surprise kidnapped and rendered to the USA to be locked up and tortured.

We have submitted our perfected grounds for appeal as of last last Monday and strongly expect to hear that leave will be given for a High Court appeal to be heard in mid-to-late summer.

In the meanwhile, I would not want to be someone working on Twitter’s support desk today as I am a little bored, a little annoyed, and unicode Zalgos are quite fun to play with….

Love and Power,
L xxxx”

There is a clear hypocrisy among the Twitter support team in that there are countless self-identified Nazis and Nazi-sympathizers who spread hatred on this platform every single day, but any talk about punching them or implying that they should not be free from consequence is seen as “violence”. Free speech is a fundamental value of the Internet and this must include social media platforms like Twitter, but in this case free speech is being upheld and violated selectively to the benefit of Twitter Fascists.

This is a severe injustice and a blatant act of censorship targeting an Anti-Fascist activist, while those using Twitter to spread fear and hatred towards people of colour, refugees, immigrants, women and the queer community are allowed to keep doing so.

Did the Twitter support team really expect no response to this? By censoring Lauri they are hurting themselves, and they are showing us exactly which side of history they have chosen. We must fight back and make our position loud and clear. We will not tolerate censorship, and certainly not censorship of those who fight for the greater good while the genuinely evil people of this world get to express themselves freely.

In love and rage,

Concerned Twitter users, free speech advocates and friends and supporters of Lauri


6 thoughts on “Lauri Love aka @LauriLoveX permanently banned from Twitter

  1. While I will always support EVERYBODY’S constitutional right to free expression here in the US, the truth is that Twitter a privately owned, for-profit, company does NOT owe anyone a platform for that free expression, and if they determine they don’t want someone publishing on their site, I’m sure their ToS, to which we all must agree when signing up, reserves their right to accept or reject accounts at will., if not, and they failed to cover their behind in their ToS, and you’ve a legal leg to stand on in your demand they permit you to publish on their site, then it’s a matter for you, them, your attorneys, and the courts to resolve.


    1. Will B. Young

      Your logic is the same as that used by restaurants that wanted to deny service to people of color. Neither being privately owned nor words in their ToS give them the right to discriminate, deny free speech or abrogate any other basic human right.

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      1. Your logic is the same as those who think that the Free Expression allows them the right to paint graffiti on someone else’s private property, and really, that just defies logic. Like I said I support the constitutionally protected right to free expression, for everyone, just, I don’t believe any sound argument can be made that someone has to allow it on their property. On public property, yes, which is why we have the right to protest on publicly owned parks, streets, sidewalks, etc., on your own property, of course (get a server and run your own short message site, like with Status.Net software. except I think it’s now called…whatever, publish your own paper, website, pamphlets, sure, that’s all protected, but I certainly don’t owe anyone the right to build a billboard and publish information, opinions, whatever, on my own property, nor do you, nor does twitter, and that’s why nobody’s got a lawyer and gone after them for this…it simply won’t stand up to logic, thus won’t pass in a court of law, which requires a logical argument, learn some logic, then actually read the constitution, then tell me why anyone owes this person a platform on their website, especially when they have a ToS in which they reserve the right to close accounts, delete tweets, or prevent the publication of materials with which they take offense or otherwise find inappropriate to their ends.


  2. To my knowledge, Twitter has never been known to support Nazis (Further than giving them a platform, which I imagine they have done, so long as they didn’t publish threats), so I doubt they care that Lauri, or anyone else doesn’t like Nazis, I’m going to guess it’s just threats of violence with which they have a problem. But I have to agree, myself (and will guess there are staff at Twitter® who do, too), that Nazis should be punched, or kicked hard in the nuts for all I care,
    they ‘re idiots, you’ll get NO argument from me in that regard, just, twitter can say you mustn’t threaten them (or anyone else) on their (twitter’s) site, just as WP could say I shouldn’t be saying they should be punched or kicked on here, if I wrote that in my blog (probably this comment, too), which could be frankly, construed as inciting violence (DISCLAIMER: listen kids, it is NOT OK to punch or kick, other children, even Nazis,, no matter how ignorant they are or how much they deserve it, okay? violence is bad.)


  3. Reblogged this on Oneoflokis's Blog and commented:
    I don’t know why Twitter doesn’t just get rid of the NeoNazis! (And Tories.)


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