#ActivismNow #IceRaids

BREAKING // Ongoing #ActiveCensorship by Raymond Johansen

Few will ever see this post, but that wont stop me from sharing it. An hour ago we learned that Muslims across America where being picked up for deportation. (#ICEraids across America) A family in Texas where stuck and needed an Arabic translator. I got that shared widely. When it hit 51 RT’s it stalled. Everything went quiet.

Not only that, my FB post with contact details was throttled. If you used the link from Twitter or anywhere else, not scrolling on my wall, you would only see the map and not the text with the phone number and details. (See attached photos)

Basically something that was bound for *virality* after being shared by accounts with an estimated reach of 2,8 million got stopped. It got stopped by someone with power enough to mess with Twitter and Facebook within half an hour.

This text deals with facts, but amidst it I feel obligated to share my theory. ICE started raiding Muslims for deportation and a whole row of private companies got paid to suppress social media criticism of it.

The first photo is what my post looks like for everyone clicking the link from anywhere on social media. It is blanked out. No text.


The second photo is what the post looks like on my Facebook Wall.


I am not a conspiracy nutter, nor am I a first timer. I have been through ops with governments attempting to stop us more times than most of you have ever eaten a proper fish meal. I have seen OpIsrael 1-4 succeed and then Saudi Arabia pay companies to stop us from helping #FreeRaif.

I have seen the industry grow to several hundred entities offering a service to anyone who wants to shut down any activity on social media. You can now “stop” any movement  or cause just by paying a weekly amount of anywhere between $10k-100k per week.

The last two times I shared important content to millions my RT’s stopped cold at 101 tweets. This time exactly at 51. (In the next few minutes a few RT’s happened, only because two or three people actually go to my stream or wall and see the tweet or post right there.)

Before you think I am just not thinking it through, try to get the fact that I actually have a lot of experience with this. We have been battling suppression more than two dozen times. And no, I am not merely being shadow banned. In 2017 it happens within the algorithms. Twitter started using them too, late last year. (? unsure of exact date) That change made it possible for powerful entities to quell any piece of information not to the liking of those with enough money or power.

What is going down around us is very much a sign of totalitarianism and it does not scare me. It is something we expected and are prepared for. Even though “they” (I know how it sounds) think they have put the breaks on me you will come across my thoughts everywhere. There will be no stopping me, or us. That is simply because when we meet opposition our #Resistance truly gets going. We don’t just double down. We do much much more than that.

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