Business Rocks 2016 Hackathon for the Homeless

Business Rocks 2016 has hosted a global hackathon in a bid to help solve the ever-growing problem of homelessness through technology.

From Manchester’s City Centre to the shores of the Mediterranean, homelessness isn’t just about rough sleepers and migrants fleeing war zones, it’s about the needed change in the hearts and minds of those in a position to use their skills to help solve the growing crisis.

The theme of the 2 day hack educated some of the sharpest and brightest minds about the dangers, challenges and needs of the vulnerable. A panel consisting of the homeless from Gary Neville’s Stock Exchange project, scientists, developers, technologists, social housing and experts on the current migrant crisis set the ‘tech for good’ challenge.

This was a project inspired by the homeless, for the homeless.

from the Business Rocks 2016 Homeless Hackathon web site (changed to past tense)

“The Hackathon was a collaboration between Business Rocks, TimeOverDistance and The Pirate Party of Norway. A multitude of other supporters made this happen, even a couple of banks chipped in. Worth mentioning is that hackers, hacktivists and social media activists made the world aware of this event.” – Nathan Newman of

Presenting the winners of the Business Rocks 2016 Hackathon for the Homeless:

Hackathon Crew, Limbo, students @ London School of Economics.

Hackathon Crew Limbo. Winners of the Business Rocks 2016 Hackathon for the Homeless

Hackathon Crew Limbo. Winners of the Business Rocks 2016 Hackathon for the Homeless

Crew Members: Emilie Maret, Hadil Dayri

Project Description:

LIMBO aims to bridge the gap between the state of homelessness and that of long-term employment by providing homeless individuals with the opportunity to work short-term missions that will reinforce their interpersonal skills, give them access to training or additional income, and make them appear more reliable in the eyes of their future employers. LIMBO will take the form of an app that matches people’s needs for spontaneous services and help, with the extensive skill sets of hidden homeless individuals. LIMBO is scalable, as it runs on a mutual incentive for end users to better allocate their time, and for workers to work towards reintegration.

Contact Information:

Introducing the other crews and their project offerings:

Hackathon Crew, SupportNet, students @ Birmingham University

SupportNet Crew

The SupportNet Crew

Crew Members: Arvid Kingl, Fillipo Bovo, Mason Cusack, Wendy Kong Wei Zhen, Marius Hente, Mohammed Ani, Riley Finch

Project Description:

Creating a one-stop shop for the homeless community to search for information about organisations dedicated to alleviate issues affecting the community. Organisations register themselves on the website and will be searchable on the web portal.


Contact Information:

Hackathon Crew, Postall

Hackathon Crew Posty

Crew Members: Mark Claydon, Wesley Hall

Project Description:

Without a fixed address it is impossible to get a bank account, without a bank account it is difficult to get a job, without a job it is hard to get a fixed address. Postall aims to help break this cycle by enabling organisations working with homeless people to automatically scan and sort mail for them, allowing access to it online and a foothold back into accommodation and work.

Contact Information:

Hackathon Crew, PlejiSoftware Engineers @ Apadmi

The Apadmi Crew

The Apadmi Crew

Crew Members: Gary Butcher, Tengiz Meskhi, Merrick Sapsford

Project Description:

Pleji is a crowd-source based solution for correcting the imbalance of supply and demand that all homeless-centric charities face. Using Pleji; charities are able to create effective donation campaigns, whether it be for material, services or finance. Pleji users are then able to pledge whatever they can to help the cause.

The full pitch keynote is available here: Keynote

Pleji Source Code on GitHub

Contact Information:

Hackathon Crew, Street Buddy

The StreetBuddy crew

The StreetBuddy crew

Crew Members: Ellie Hale, Andreas Georgiades, Aristos Michaelides, Allan Gray

Project Description:

Street Buddy is an app that helps normal people help people. It aims to connect the homeless with mentors; teams of volunteers who will form a peer support network around an individual and signpost them to crucial resources such as mental health and housing services – creating a national network of people who want to offer a holistic approach to tackling homelessness.

Mentors can volunteer as an individual and join a ‘Street Buddy Team’ in their area, or invite their friends/colleagues to form their own team. There will be a specialist ‘Street Buddy Plus’ for trained mentors that deal specifically with issues such as rehabilitation and mental health. Mentors can also offer training in particular skills, from financial management to carpentry, to help their buddy move forward in life. Homeless people can sign up to the system from organisations they already interact with, and can select volunteer buddies with the right skill sets to help them.

The application is a tool that provides community, communication, and resources for anybody that want’s to help!

StreetBuddy logo

StreetBuddy Logo


More information is available here:

Contact Information:

“Hacking is often thought of as a bad thing, but hacking means many different things. One of the ways of looking at it is taking something that works and putting it together in a different way. You have a problem, pick things apart and then come up with a solution. This Hackathon was just that. A start to hacking, or solving, some of the challenges faced by the homeless.” – Raymond Johansen, Pirate Party Activist and Anonymous Hacktivist

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN (and if you dont r

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN (and if you dont read this you’re lazy and of no use to any of us!)

When shills, feds, trolls and all round assholes wants to destroy something good, (because building something is to hard for morons), they resort to what we call “JTRIG-ing”. A little something we learned from Snowden and Greenwald. They make fake pages to dilute your message and weaken your voice.
They make copies of your pages, like the asshat making The Pirate Party of Norway page which you can see further down on my wall, and then try their best to make sure that you do not get heard.
Whether employed by our government or just an asshat, they really are #Anonymous and #Pirates worst enemies. Snakes in the garden. I am one of the ones burning the grass so we can see them. It will never be pretty but it will be what we have to do.
Now wake the fuck up and then forgive my brusque words when I tell them to fuck off. Someone needs to be the garbage man. – Ray


Hacking Homelessness at Business Rocks

What do you get when you combine a hundred hackers with a bunch of business billionaires? Just maybe a solution for global homelessness!

Manchester, UK, April 15, 2016:  At 9am on April 21, the Business Rocks conference in Manchester will welcome the 48-hour Hackathon for Homelessness, bringing together hackers from around the globe, billionaire business leaders, and international activists to collaborate on producing a technological solution for the growing problem of global homelessness.

        They say that a nation should be judged by how they treat their most vulnerable and if trends in criminalization of the impoverished and homeless is any indication, the US & UK are absolutely losing this battle,” says US activist and actor Joe Fionda, one of the Hackathon panelists. The objective to the hackathon is to develop a universal human rights framework. We have government systems that have now devolved to the point in which the homeless and impoverished are criminalized, thus adding an even more crushing burden for those trying to escape this vicious cycle. This behavior is antithetical to the idea of the Social Contract and undermines the legitimacy of these institutions. The framework will also seek to establish an easily locally deployable decentralized model to bring aid to the homeless, wherever it may be, and do it at minimal cost. The amount of capital being used to criminalize the homeless, at the end of the day, is even more than it would cost to effectively deploy sustainable shelter and communities.”

There is also a medical component to this. Many homeless are often burdened with illness, be it physical or mental. Homelessness also can drive further mental illness. A universal framework will integrate recognition of mental illness not as a stigma to further ones homelessness but just the opposite. Effectively deployable technology to aid medical emergencies will be essential.”

The hackathon is a competitive event in which participants will form into teams and work to create an app or tool that directly impacts the lives of the homeless in a positive way while fitting into the framework of human rights that is also being developed on-site. Judging by the distinguished international panel takes place at 3pm on the 22nd, and the prize will be awareded at 4:30 on the main Business Rocks stage. A panel consisting of the homeless from Gary Neville’s Stock Exchange project, scientists, developers, technologists, social housing workers and experts on the current migrant crisis will set the ‘tech for good’ challenge.

Judges include Lord John Bird, founder and editor in chief of The Big Issue, Wesley Dove, a campaigner in the fight against homelessness who is homeless himself, Joe Fionda of NYC, Amy Varle of the People’s Property Shop, Steve Carr, whose walking protest and meditation Mind Canyon takes him from Land’s End to John O’Groats, Kieron Kirkland of CAST, Paul McNamee, award-winning editor of The Big Issue, Karl Sieber, Occupational Therapy Lead at Ticehurst House for Priory Group, and Daniel Robinson, evaluation funder at social tech funder Nominet Trust.

From Manchester’s City Centre to the shores of the Mediterranean, homelessness isn’t just about rough sleepers and migrants fleeing war zones, it’s about the needed change in the hearts and minds of those in a position to use their skills to help solve the growing crisis.
This is a project inspired by the homeless, for the homeless.

Follow the hackathon:

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Or in person at Business Rocks! Business Rocks is actively seeking partners with a development, education, technology and humanitarian focus to join us in a mass-scale effort to affect social change.

I HATE 2 OUT OF 3 AMERICANS (yes, I’m not a coward)

I HATE 2 OUT OF 3 AMERICANS (yes, im not a coward)
I posted this an hour ago and got no liker or haters or nothing. Have you all gone numb, dumb or just cowardly in general.

“Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe torture can be justified to extract information from suspected terrorists, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, a level of support similar to that seen in countries like Nigeria where militant attacks are common.”

Torturing anyone, let alone someone innocent, is a crime against humanity. I have made it my life’s work to bring the Americans before a tribunal before I die. If you know me, you know some people should start preparing for a G5 forced flight to The Hague, The Netherlands. I am the storm!

Stop by and I will tell you what torture is – from experience. Then you too will feel my anger and not resent me for hating 2 out of 3 Americans

PRESS RELEASE – Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Unveils PineApple, an Apple Competitor

SAN FRANCISCO – Following Friday’s unveiling of the much un-anticipated PineApple, a bemused tech press is left scratching its head over Steve Wozniak’s next big idea.

Wozniak, who co-founded tech giant Apple in a garage along with his pal Steve Jobs, is going head-to-head with his old company with his new startup, dubbed PineApple.

Apple was named after Newton’s apple, which disrupted his thought process and led to his development of the theory of gravity.

PineApple is a fruit of a different color, its spiky exterior giving no hint of the sweetness within.

Why PineApple?
Wozniak replied, I thought, why can’t a pineapple make history too? We need more variety in our tech diet.”

The tech legend has long supported social causes, and there is much speculation on what, specifically, the new startup will do: is it computers? gadgets? a nonprofit of some kind?

Wozniak took several years off to return to school and qualify as a schoolteacher, so no doubt there is a lesson in it for all of us, somewhere. Somewhere past that spiky exterior.


—-> Offficial video presentation @

11.30am BST – 06:30am EDT- 03:30am PDT 06:30pm CST (China)

—->  Leaked teaser:



For now, we have @WhatsPineApple, In Facebook WhatsPineApple, and the mysterious website

Steve Wozniak will reveal all in a personal presentation at Manchester’s Business Rocks conference, April 21-22