PRESS RELEASE: Miracle Cloned Boxer Dogs To Be Born Live On Boxing Day


24th December, South Korea

UK couple to witness the birth of their miracle clone dog

Heartbroken at the death of their beloved Boxer dog Dylan, Laura Jaques and Richard Remde soon found themselves questioning whether they could use DNA to create new puppies.

In a first for South Korean company Sooam Biotech, Dylan was cloned from cells that had been dead for 12 days, sparking much debate.

The Yorkshire couple were surprised to learn that 2 identical embryos had developed and that their puppies would be born on the 26th and 27th December.


Dolly The Sheep of the Social Media age is causing quite a stir in the run-up to a live stream of the births, live from Sooam’s secretive and controversial lab.

The Guardian article: UK couple have dead dog cloned in South Korea

For access to the story, contact Nathan Newman, currently with Richard and Laura in South Korea.

+44 7411 745 653 (WhatsApp)

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