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The story of Star Wars (not a spoiler) - Imgur The story of Star Wars (not a spoiler) – Imgur h/t Dominick Bruno

Happy Friday, kittens! It’s been a long, trolly week with approximately 500 notifications a day here at Cryptosphere Global HQ thanks to raincoaster’s story about hacktivist-turned-jihadi Junaid Hussain aka TriCk of TeaMp0isoN. If you haven’t read it, please do. PLEASE do. It’ll annoy Ron so much.

And now, the news! Since we haven’t posted since Monday (when we did SIX! stories) we’ve got a bit to catch up on.

Russian hacking group sharpens its skills (ZDNet)

Hail our Robot Overlords! The Cyborg Olympics are coming! (IEEE)

Holiday travel tips from the TSA (TSA) Um…”wear ankle strap shoes, so you have something to hold on to?” perhaps?

UK Man Arrested Over VTech Data Hack That Exposed Kids’ Info (TechTimes) That’s the thanks you get for going greyhat

Empowering the female engineer (TheTriangle)

Instagram hacked, Fedbook tries to hush…

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