PRESS RELEASE: Miracle Cloned Boxer Dogs To Be Born Live On Boxing Day


24th December, South Korea

UK couple to witness the birth of their miracle clone dog

Heartbroken at the death of their beloved Boxer dog Dylan, Laura Jaques and Richard Remde soon found themselves questioning whether they could use DNA to create new puppies.

In a first for South Korean company Sooam Biotech, Dylan was cloned from cells that had been dead for 12 days, sparking much debate.

The Yorkshire couple were surprised to learn that 2 identical embryos had developed and that their puppies would be born on the 26th and 27th December.


Dolly The Sheep of the Social Media age is causing quite a stir in the run-up to a live stream of the births, live from Sooam’s secretive and controversial lab.

The Guardian article: UK couple have dead dog cloned in South Korea

For access to the story, contact Nathan Newman, currently with Richard and Laura in South Korea.

+44 7411 745 653 (WhatsApp)

Adam John Bennett aka Lorax, famed forme

Adam John Bennett aka Lorax, famed former host of Lorax Live on RadioAnonOps, has reached an agreement on a plea deal; sentencing will be in March of 2016. A source close to the case has filled in details which have long been scarce since the defendant has been under a gag order, excluded from the internet except for work. He has been silent since May 17, 2014.

VID: More about The Lorax:

Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Dec 18

The Cryptosphere

The story of Star Wars (not a spoiler) - Imgur The story of Star Wars (not a spoiler) – Imgur h/t Dominick Bruno

Happy Friday, kittens! It’s been a long, trolly week with approximately 500 notifications a day here at Cryptosphere Global HQ thanks to raincoaster’s story about hacktivist-turned-jihadi Junaid Hussain aka TriCk of TeaMp0isoN. If you haven’t read it, please do. PLEASE do. It’ll annoy Ron so much.

And now, the news! Since we haven’t posted since Monday (when we did SIX! stories) we’ve got a bit to catch up on.

Russian hacking group sharpens its skills (ZDNet)

Hail our Robot Overlords! The Cyborg Olympics are coming! (IEEE)

Holiday travel tips from the TSA (TSA) Um…”wear ankle strap shoes, so you have something to hold on to?” perhaps?

UK Man Arrested Over VTech Data Hack That Exposed Kids’ Info (TechTimes) That’s the thanks you get for going greyhat

Empowering the female engineer (TheTriangle)

Instagram hacked, Fedbook tries to hush…

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What is #IntelGroup aka Anonymous Intell

What is #IntelGroup aka Anonymous Intelligence Group?

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‪#‎IMSIcatchers‬ | Oslo under surveillance


#PST Norway spied on it’s own country’s government, financial industry and foreign embassies in #Oslo.

I base this on OSINT information having followed the case ever since the newspaper Aftenposten revealed the existence of IMSI catchers in central parts of the capital. The same was discovered in Stockholm. London and all over the US.

PST tried, in vain, to discredit the newspaper and their experts. (Later they apologized to the latter, Delma, a British security firm). Then they took part in a white wash investigation which they later “closed”. The capital police was also caught blatantly lying about the frequency of their use of the technology.

Most pundits speculated that there was only two categories of suspects. criminals and foreign Intelligence services. I contend that there is a third.

Namely our own Norwegian intel services. Their behavior, lies and spins makes it the most reasonable conclusion. It is noteworthy to mention that IMSI catchers are produced by a US company in Florida, and the fact that Norway has a very special relationship with the Americans. Norway is in fact one of nine countries in the so called 9 Eyes Alliance.

It is my sincere hope that Aftenposten and other newspapers continue to work on this case, because the implications if I am correct are enormous.

It is not the first time the intelligence services in Norway have been caught spying on their own government. Anonymous Norway​ will continue to try to “find” evidence, sharing this information with media.

There is no doubt that certain politicians have been complicit in helping cover up what has really happened here and they will of course be a target of our investigation too. Again, using only OSINT resources. (At least those of us that reside in Norway.)

For the more nerdy of you, here is an article with loads of technical information and links to sources that documents each and every word in this post.