Exclusive Interview with #Anonymous Activists Kitty Hundal and Lauri #NoLoveForUSGov Love on #Donate11 Campaign

#Donation11 | amazing exclusive from The Cryptosphere

#FreeLove #NoLove4usGov / Kitty Hundal Percecution games

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The Cryptosphere

Text Fist by Andrew Mason on Flickr Text Fist by Andrew Mason on Flickr

The Cryptosphere is in the unusual position of occasionally featuring several of its contributors not only as writers but also as, ahem, material.

Here, we catch up with Cryptospherians Kitty Hundal, author and activist, and Lauri Love, currently battling a US extradition request from deepest darkest Suffolk.

Love’s cause has recently been adopted by the Courage Foundation, putting him in the company of Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Matt DeHart, and Edward Snowden. Hundal has just announced the #Donate11 campaign: 11% of the Lulu.com sales of her book, From the Shadows: Persecution Games will go to Love’s defence fund. We spoke to them about the case to date,  the campaign, and the implications of international prosecutorial overreach for the future of activism. 

The Cryptosphere: Lauri, what is the situation with your case? As we understand it, the only…

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