Fresh #CyberwarzoneFail on ‘Chemtrails’

Cyberwarzone is one of those ‘infosec’ sites that discredits itself by publishing false information. It’s latest foray into this was its reporting of a hack by AnonSec.

AnonSec hack on NASA reveals Chemtrails and GPS locations

Cyberwarzone alleges that the group calling itself AnonSec hacked NASA and found ‘evidence’ of ‘chemtrails’. They give the information credibility by making the following statement: “we can clearly see that this information has been gathered from official resources.”

Yet they clearly have made no effort whatsoever to actually vet that information. They did make it available for download however.

I downloaded the file and took a look at it.

Hacktivist Culture talked to the Admin of AnonSec, @_d3f4ult. What we learned was that the data linked in the article is from their hack. That said, almost everything written in the article by Cyberwarzone is a complete fabrication and does not represent AnonSec’s view at all, as far as we were able to establish during our short conversation with the Admin.

The Existence of ‘ChemTrails’

Hacktivist Culture has never come across any credible evidence of the existence of ‘ChemTrails’. In some alternative universe ‘chemtrails’ may exist, but we do believe that the only place where such a thing would occur is in a James Bond movie. A movie where a villainous character or a primary antagonist is out to kill everyone on the planet.

All of the alleged evidence is easily explainable through basic science facts and simply points to natural processes, pollution, and jet contrails.

A pastebin allegedly by the hackers makes even more bizarre claims that they associate with an alleged haul of 100+G of data. I’m wondering if it will be more of the same.

A Message to AnonSec

Hacktivist Culture sincerely regrets that we wrote an article that looked like we were criticizing the hacker crew and their work. Our intention was to point out that there are several blogs out there that, Cyberwarzone being one of them, that try to pass themselves off as journalists.

This blog, being staunch supporters of Enforced Transparency, Hacktivism and Anonymous feel that outlets like Cyberwarzone are traitors to truth and much needed social change.

‘ChemTrails’ in General

Hacktivist Culture would like to take this opportunity to voice our position on ‘ChemTrails’ which in actual fact is nothing more than ConTrails:

ChemTrails: Why Is This Allegation Bullshit? by Kitty Hundal

by Kitty Hundal and Raymond Johansen

Creative Commons License:

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

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