Review of Kitty Hundal’s From the Shadows: Book 1 of Persecution Games

Review of a book written by the most loyal and altruistic friend an Anon I can think of. Kitty Hundal. What she has gone through in her life reads like a horror story.

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From the Shadows: Persecution Games by Kitty Hundal From the Shadows: Persecution Games by Kitty Hundal

In Canada, we like to think that our police and spy agencies are fairly well controlled and act within the law. But the recent revelations from whistleblowers, as well as Bill C-51, have shown us that some of our agencies might have acted illegally, and that the government wants less oversight of them, not more.

Even though you think you have nothing to hide, these revelations and changes to the law should scare you. Because now, it’s easy for these agencies to distort information about you to suit their goals–like arresting you for something you didn’t do simply because you are a political activist, for example.

Sadly, these things have been happening even before C-51. I was given a copy of Kitty Hundal’s fictionalized memoir called Persecution Games. And what I read, beyond being absolutely heartbreaking and totally unfair, is ultimately…

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