Crypto-Affirmations: Enforced Transparency, @BiellaColeman, and Nemesis

I Love Irony! =D

The Cryptosphere

Biella on repeat via @GradElitist on Twitter Biella on repeat via @GradElitist on Twitter

We are big fans of single-serving social media accounts at Cryptosphere Global HQ. Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift on Security? Or Fashion Zizek? Or, come to think of it, Zizek Ebooks, although who can tell it from the original?

We are also, big, big fans of payback and sabre-toothed enforcement of The Little Guy’s rights, including copyright. Since Twitter has announced that Tweets are officially considered copyright their original tweeters, this has opened up a Pandora’s Attache Case of DMCA filings, and we say it’s high time. Just to be clear: You can RT to your heart’s content. That maintains attribution and is fair use. You can copy and paste tweets originating in a Tweetstorm document, because that is how a Tweetstorm works and you are actively encouraged to do so by the storm organizers. You cannot take…

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