The terrible #ISIS attack at the youth c

The terrible #ISIS attack at the youth center in #Turkey gets international support. Hitting activists and humanitarian aid organisations is below low. Watch whatever strange support you have internationally, by those loving the idea of a Caliphate, vanish.
International Rojava solidarity groups condemning the massacre in Suruç have announced that no amount of terror will stop solidarity with the revolution in Rojava.

The bombing yesterday in the town of Suruç, Turkey targeted a group of young activists from across Turkey. The activists were planning to cross the border into the city of Kobanê to aid in the city’s reconstruction. The youth had gathered donations and toys for the children of Kobanê across Turkey; they hoped to aid in building a park, museum, nursery and forest. Rojava solidarity associations from around the world have condemned the massacre and called it an attempt to intimidate those working in solidarity with the Rojava revolution. JINHA ||

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About Raymond Johansen

Ray is a writer, columnist, contributor and subeditor for a large number of groups, pages and blogs - with a wide global network. He is the International Coordinator at Pursuance Project and The Pirate Party of Norway. Furthermore he sits on the board of several organisations, including Barrett Brown's Pursuance Project. He is a Human Rights and Privacy Activist, a Hacktivist and is heavily involved in whistleblower support.

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