#AnonDown | We are Anonymous and this is

#AnonDown | We are Anonymous and this is Operation Cyber Privacy,

This week we have turned our resources toward the crushing and horrific murder of our brother Jay Mack; a known and loved Anon within the collective for many years. His death falls upon the heels of the passing of ‘anti-protest’ bill c51 in Canada and brings with it sadness, frustration and a ferocious thirst for justice.

On July 16th 2015 James Daniel McIntyre was attending a planned and public protest against BC Hydro in Dawson’s Creek, British Columbia. RCMP were called to address another individual, yet somehow managed to set sights upon the wrong man. As a result, and because he was allegedly in possession of a knife, our brother was viciously murdered. He was not shot to disarm. He was not grappled by the two large officers on scene. He was not handled with reasonable force as mandated by law enforcement guidelines. He was shot to death from several feet away by a trigger happy officer.

We are our brothers keeper, and in true Anon fashion, comrades across the globe began popping up one by one to seek vengeance for his slaughter; to demand the firing of and appropriate criminal charges laid upon this murderous cop.

Anonymous stands for many things but there are two things it does not stand for. Violence and notoriety have no place within this movement and haven’t since the very grassroots of its inception. Especially at a time when so many are mourning the loss of a passionate and beloved brother. We encourage our brothers and sisters to react not in anger, but rather in solidarity. Our quest for justice for Jay Mack will be coordinated, strategic and non-violent.

We are calling upon our brothers and sisters and citizens of the world to join us. Join us in ensuring the officer and any other entity, with the blood of our fallen staining their hands, are brought to justice. Join us in supporting his family while they a-wait justice for their own.

We will be commissioning a series of DDOS attacks against those we feel have contributed to the allowance of this crime. As we attack the web, we call out to others to march in streets to demand justice for our fallen brother. Street rally event pages are popping up on social media across Canada and beyond, for Thursday July 23rd. We will tweet out any updates we receive, as we receive them.

We are not going to sit by and let the RCMP get away with murdering one of our brothers. We will stand beside our fallen. We will have our voices heard. First they took away our right to protest and now, for that very thing, they are gunning us down like street rats….This is the revolution!

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
You have killed our brother
But ideas are bulletproof
Expect us

RIP Jay Mack – We will not forgive

Join us in irc.anonops.com
Channel #AnonLegion #OpCyberPrivacy #BrothersKeeper Part 2 http://ow.ly/PSSgY

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