Crypto-Affirmations: Enforced Transparency, @BiellaColeman, and Nemesis

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Biella on repeat via @GradElitist on Twitter Biella on repeat via @GradElitist on Twitter

We are big fans of single-serving social media accounts at Cryptosphere Global HQ. Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift on Security? Or Fashion Zizek? Or, come to think of it, Zizek Ebooks, although who can tell it from the original?

We are also, big, big fans of payback and sabre-toothed enforcement of The Little Guy’s rights, including copyright. Since Twitter has announced that Tweets are officially considered copyright their original tweeters, this has opened up a Pandora’s Attache Case of DMCA filings, and we say it’s high time. Just to be clear: You can RT to your heart’s content. That maintains attribution and is fair use. You can copy and paste tweets originating in a Tweetstorm document, because that is how a Tweetstorm works and you are actively encouraged to do so by the storm organizers. You cannot take…

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#TPP | disected from the prime #Canadian

#TPP | disected from the prime #Canadian x-pert #MichaelGeist

As the negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership continue in Hawaii, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a guest post I wrote on the implications of copyright term extension for Canada.

Reports last year from #Wikileaks showed that #Canada was the strongest opponent to #TPP intellectual property demands from the #UnitedStates, signalling its opposition to a proposal 56 times, more than any other country. The strongest opposition came in the patents, enforcement, trademarks, and copyright sections. Is Canada Set to Cave on Copyright Term Extension in the TPP? – Michael Geist

Exclusive Interview with #Anonymous #BrothersKeeper Team Behind #Justice4JayMack

The Cryptosphere

AnonDown Mask via My Truth Today on Twitter AnonDown Mask via My Truth Today on Twitter

James McIntyre of Dawson Creek, British Columbia was shot to death by one or more RCMP officers at about 6:30pm last Thursday night, July 16. Police had been called to deal with a disturbance inside the Fixx Urban Grill, where an open house was underway for BC Hydro’s contentious SiteC hydroelectric dam. They never got inside, instead confronting and shooting McIntyre, who had not been involved in the disturbance, outside on the sidewalk. As he lay on the pavement, bleeding into unconsciousness and ultimately death, at least two bystanders videoed the police walking up and kicking away something in his hand.

On his face was a Guy Fawkes mask, which is where Anonymous came in. And come in, they did.


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The terrible #ISIS attack at the youth c

The terrible #ISIS attack at the youth center in #Turkey gets international support. Hitting activists and humanitarian aid organisations is below low. Watch whatever strange support you have internationally, by those loving the idea of a Caliphate, vanish.
International Rojava solidarity groups condemning the massacre in Suruç have announced that no amount of terror will stop solidarity with the revolution in Rojava.

The bombing yesterday in the town of Suruç, Turkey targeted a group of young activists from across Turkey. The activists were planning to cross the border into the city of Kobanê to aid in the city’s reconstruction. The youth had gathered donations and toys for the children of Kobanê across Turkey; they hoped to aid in building a park, museum, nursery and forest. Rojava solidarity associations from around the world have condemned the massacre and called it an attempt to intimidate those working in solidarity with the Rojava revolution. JINHA ||