Rick Falkvinge | Liberties Report for we

Rick Falkvinge | Liberties Report for week 25

Australia creates web censorship at the demand of the copyright industry, ICANN is under pressure to revoke domain privacy on demand from the copyright industry, and Germany reinstates data retention, which was originally a demand from the copyright industry. This has not been a good week.


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From The Shadows: Persecution Games

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From The Shadows: Persecution Games

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Book 1 Released June 19, 2015

Book 2 to be Released in June 2016

Thank you with all my heart to Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Barrett Brown, Jacob Appelbaum, Aaron Swartz (deceased), Jeremy Hammond, and the many others who have stepped forward but haven’t been heard or who have stepped forward but continue to be unknown publicly at the time of this writing. More are being arrested, charged and convicted every year.

We owe you all a great debt of gratitude. Hopefully your sacrifice will have been worth it if it results in existing laws being changed and new laws being enacted to protect and extend our democratic processes and citizens’ rights. Rights that many shed blood to establish in the West, particularly from abuse of power of the corrupt.


by Kitty Hundal