GOOD MORNING | Last time I partook in so

GOOD MORNING | Last time I partook in some post- ‪#‎NSAlulz‬ exactly THIS way Facebook, ‪#‎NSAbook‬ from now on, scrubbed all evidence of the post away in a matter of hours. See article about that at the bottom of this intro. RT DⒶʀKᙡiNɢ ಠ_ರೃ: New ‪#‎NSA‬ SSH buffer overflow -> #NSAlulz ‪#‎Anonymous‬ Sweden Last scrub:

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About Raymond Johansen

Ray is a writer, columnist, contributor and subeditor for a large number of groups, pages and blogs - with a wide global network. He is the International Coordinator at Pursuance Project and The Pirate Party of Norway. Furthermore he sits on the board of several organisations, including Barrett Brown's Pursuance Project. He is a Human Rights and Privacy Activist, a Hacktivist and is heavily involved in whistleblower support.

1 thought on “GOOD MORNING | Last time I partook in so

  1. I shared my Google photo book from my day out on Friday on facebook with the status, “Google may well be the harbingers of the apocolypse but they make bloody good photo stories!” I noticed it hadn’t gone on my timeline so I assumed the post had failed and reshared it, without the snidey Google comment, and it went straight on. Anyway, to get to the point, a few hours later the original link appeared on my profile, minus the status I’d written with it. Facebook censored me over a cheeky dig at Google!


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