How the #NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text – #TheIntercept

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden

By Dan Froomkin for The Intercept
There are incredible implications when we know that at least 17 intel orgs in the US, Five Eyes countries, Israel and what must be hundreds of private contractors have access to this data.

The potential for misuse is staggering. Especially since we now know that the Intel agencies use their capabilities for industrial espionage – even against allies.

And it gets worse
I really do believe that private contractors with corporations as customers will have no filters when it comes to using this data in nefarious ways. Transparency and oversight towards the intelligence industry is so weak that laughable is teh best way of describing it.

The Transparency Enforcers 
The Hacker WarsWe need to force these entities to create safeguards. If that does not happen we need more heroes like Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Chelsea Manning, Thomas Drake, Matt DeHart to name but a few. Please watch The Hacker Wars to understand why this is truly necessary.

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