Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for April 24

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Exploration of the Source of the Orinoco River by Remedios Varo via LES ENFANTS DE MARX ET DE COCA-COLA on Tumblr Exploration of the Source of the Orinoco River by Remedios Varo via LES ENFANTS DE MARX ET DE COCA-COLA on Tumblr

We made it to Friday, kittens, by the skin of our teeth and the sweat of our brow and the duke of our earl and where were we?

It’s been a long week.

We won’t prolong it any more than we have to, so without further ado, delay, and procrastination, we present your final link roundup of this week!

Considering a career as a spook? Here’s your interview prep checklist: 8 attributes of an effective intel officer. And if you’re going for bonus points, you’ll get me the number of the guy on the right in that picture (Sofrep)

From the It’s Not The Onion Files: Need a hitman? There’s an app for that. (WantChinaTimes)

The Moscow Rules are, unsurprisingly, quite dissimilar to the Cider House rules, which…

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Global Day of Action #April18DoA – Revolts from behind a keyboard

W I N N I N G / 852 events in 34 countries
[photos are at the end of the article and in the external links]

Photos and links to FTA events last Saturday | Global Action #18DoA | Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Pacific Islands, Philippines, Bangladesh, Japan, Sénégal and Mozambique





PACIFIC ISLANDSéchange-régional-sous-le-feu-des-critiques/1439898




Conférence/Débat: “Semaine Internationale de lutte contre les Accords de libre échange: partage et discussion autour des APE (Accords de partenariat économique). Pourquoi y être opposé?épendance-Dakar/223998397675668?fref=nf


18anosdomassacreEldoradodosCarajs_20150417_AntonioCicero_2532_small argmarcha-campesina-33 Bangladesh_BAFLF-LVC_small JGN TTIP-7382 Mexico_PSI_small MexicoDF_23abril2015_small original_camponesesmz_small Philippines_small Sink-PACER-Plus-PANGcampaign_small Tokyo_2_small Uruguay_small

A (Secure) Chat with WikiLeaks

Randomly created hillariousnessness from WikiLeaks

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WikiLeaks The Truth Will Win via РЕН ТВ | Новости on Twitter WikiLeaks The Truth Will Win via РЕН ТВ | Новости on Twitter

Today’s article comes to us from Interwebs Security correspondent Tyler L. Jones. It is his first appearance in the Cryptosphere.

WikiLeaks is at it again.

This time, in an effort to provide a method of secure communication between themselves and whistleblowers, they have developed what they claim is a secure chat system that anyone can connect to; upon connecting, you will begin a near-immediate conversation with a staff member at WikiLeaks. Today, I tried this new service out. The results were both interesting and hilarious; but, we’ll get to all of that in due time.

Here’s the Facebook announcement that started this adventure.

Immediately upon connecting to their secured chat service, I was met with the following message: “Welcome to our chat system. Someone will shortly join the chat and talk with you. Clicking destroy chat will entirely destroy this encrypted chat immediately. Closing…

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Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for April 23

The Cryptosphere

Liar's by Thomas Hawk on Flickr Liar’s by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

Hacking is thirsty work, kittens, so here’s to the slow, easy downhill jog to the weekend. Today we bring you a deception-focused cyber and crypto news roundup. Your Facebook homies? All Feds. Nonfiction spy memoir? Fiction! That perfectly ordinary London road? Conceals a classic jewel heist tunnel! Read on for all this and even some actual hacking news!

This is some Ocean’s Thirteen shit right here. The first photos of the Hatton Garden Heist are released and…we’re pretty sure the thieves have got a Horta. (TheIndependent)

Earth Day and the rise of Cybersocialism; are technoutopians responsible for the fall of neoliberalism in the West and its rise elsewhere? Hell to the no: #BlameCheney! (Jacobin)

Things Eve knew: Adam was just a first draft. Scientists can now edit human DNA (PopularScience)

Twitter’s tamping down the violent tone of tweets, but will it silence ISIS threats…

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