Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for April 23

The Cryptosphere

Liar's by Thomas Hawk on Flickr Liar’s by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

Hacking is thirsty work, kittens, so here’s to the slow, easy downhill jog to the weekend. Today we bring you a deception-focused cyber and crypto news roundup. Your Facebook homies? All Feds. Nonfiction spy memoir? Fiction! That perfectly ordinary London road? Conceals a classic jewel heist tunnel! Read on for all this and even some actual hacking news!

This is some Ocean’s Thirteen shit right here. The first photos of the Hatton Garden Heist are released and…we’re pretty sure the thieves have got a Horta. (TheIndependent)

Earth Day and the rise of Cybersocialism; are technoutopians responsible for the fall of neoliberalism in the West and its rise elsewhere? Hell to the no: #BlameCheney! (Jacobin)

Things Eve knew: Adam was just a first draft. Scientists can now edit human DNA (PopularScience)

Twitter’s tamping down the violent tone of tweets, but will it silence ISIS threats…

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