#OpBeast: Exclusive Interview with the Victorious #Anonymous Team Behind #OpNullDenmark

The Cryptosphere

OpNullDenmark OpNullDenmark via Tanya Inalameda on Twitter

Rape is an ugly thing. Rape of the helpless, even uglier. You know what’s beautiful? Victory. It’s rare than an Anonymous operation can declare complete victory, but OpNullDenmark has earned the right. They have (with a non-trivial amount of help from a crusading politician and of course the court of popular opinion) won complete victory in their mission to declare animal rape illegal in Denmark.

Sex with animals had previously been legal in Denmark as long as there was no demonstrable harm to the animal, a standard that turned out to be much more subjective in court than it should have been. As of yesterday, sex between a human and an animal is banned completely in Denmark. Agriculture and Food minister Dan Jørgensen led the fight in the political arena, whipping up public outrage and forcing his sometimes squeamish colleagues to confront the stain the…

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