Activists, Pirates team up with Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project


The Pursuance Project – Impactful, agile, secure civic collaboration

The pursuance system is the world’s first comprehensive framework for process democracy. That is, it allows individuals with no prior relationship to self-organize into robust, agile entities governed via a “proceduralism of agreement.” These entities, called pursuances, in turn engage and collaborate among themselves to whatever extent they choose, leading ultimately to a vast and formidable ecosystem of opposition to institutionalized injustice. (Excerpt from Project description)

This system will be populated on an invitation basis, beginning towards the end of 2017. But Barrett has initiated a collaboration with Pirate Parties InternationalRaymond Johansen, activist and member of the board of PPI is now in the process of populating several rooms in Mattermost, soon to begin onboarding people into an alpha version of the Pursuance System. PPI’s usage of and feedback on the software will help Pursuance’s software developers optimize it for our use cases. In the coming weeks activists, designers, artists, FOIA experts, investigative journalists, coders and developers will be invited to take part. In fact, at the time of writing projects have already started inside PPI’s Team.

To get an invitation you may contact Ray directly. Twitter or Facebook is fine. If you have his email address feel free to send him a request. Now lets hear from the main people themselves.

The framework described by Brown is quite extraordinary in that the vision is to empower people to create their own ‘pursuance’ and provide a platform to use their abilities in collaboration with others to attain specific outcomes. By doing so, they have the opportunity to scale up and potentially have a greater impact using the collaborative network.

Steve Phillips explains how he got involved with the Pursuance Project

Hi everyone! I’m Steve Phillips, lead developer and project manager of the Pursuance Project, started by Barrett Brown.

In March I learned that Barrett was out of jail and wanted to build an end-to-end encrypted environment to help make activists, journalists, and other groups more impactful by enabling them to coordinate effectively online, which sounded not just awesome but has a ton in common with what I’d been building for the last year and a half, including what I presented at DEF CON 2 years ago.

So I reached out to him, flew to Texas to meet him, and 2 days later he put me in charge of building the Pursuance System (which you can read about here; somewhat more technical intro here)!

As Barrett wrote at, our ultimate goal is to produce “a vast and formidable ecosystem of opposition to institutionalized injustice.”

I’ve been programming for 8 years, have been using Linux for almost 16 years, and I have extensive experience both building user-friendly, high-quality software and managing small teams of developers.

I am VERY excited to be working with Pirate Party folks and would love for you all to be among the first people in the world to use the Pursuance System as we build it. Let me know what tools you need to change the world and I will do whatever I can to provide them.

Right now we’ve launched an early version of the Pursuance chat feature as a standalone app — LeapChat, which anyone can use by visiting and inviting people to the secure room you get redirected to, resulting in an end-to-end encrypted chat session. Any feedback you have for which features should next be added to LeapChat would be very helpful!

The core of the first version of Pursuance that we’ll be launching is essentially a task management system built for large groups that will do things like allow you to specify which skills are necessary to complete a task, then have the software automatically find people with all the skills necessary to complete that task and ask them if they’d like to do it! This enables Pursuance scale to large groups better than anything else that currently exists.

We believe that the Internet should be amazing at enabling large groups of like-minded people to join forces to combat injustice… but it isn’t. We’re here to change that.

Barrett Brown’s vision for the Pursuance Project

Extracts from: Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project by v4vapid

When asked about his future projects, Brown outlines a vision for journalists and bloggers to better share information by creating what he calls a ‘process democracy platform’. This project has been in the works since 2009, before his incarceration, and with the help of trusted collaborators Brown continues to work towards creating a revolutionary crowd sourcing collaboration. Collaborations will occur between institutions, non-profits , academics and even citizen journalists.

“The way [the pursuance] system works, it doesn’t matter if on the margins quality declines, because on the margins, these people are free to bring on people, but they still have to handle them. So if it’s data gathering, for instance, if you’re a journalist or you’re running a crowd-sourced project, and you bring on a few people, each person who’s bringing on people obviously has an impetus to bring on actual quality people to the best of their ability because they have to deal with them, and bad information, useless information, that comes out of these distant [peripheries] on the system are not going to make it up the submission, and there’s a whole mechanism for all of that.” – Barrett Brown

“So that was the original impetus. There are a lot of other features that make this work for different things. There’s a great mass of people out there who are tweeting and commenting, and they’re upset, and there’s some portion who are very honest people who are capable, who are knowledgeable, but who are not being provided with (a) the ability to help and (b) the ability to rise. If you present people the ability to do things correctly, and by doing things correctly, rise to a position where they have the ability to do things on a larger scale, and if you make it apparent that that ability is there, and if we provide examples of it working and provide a degree of leadership, and frankly, propaganda as to why the time has come for this kind of thing, then it will work.” – Barrett Brown

To get updates on the progress of the overall project you can sign up on this page The Pursuance Project

by Kitty Hundal


The #Pursuance Project and #Anonymous

I love the concept of Anonymous (and WikiLeaks, Occupy, Idle No More). I’ve said this many times before but it’s worth repeating.

However, as a FreeThinker who bases her opinions on reason, logic and empirical evidence, I am forced to acknowledge that Anonymous does have a fundamental flaw.

That fundamental flaw also happens to be its’ greatest strength.

This is a dichotomy that exists in most, if not all, organic social structures.

While anonymity provides protection and security, it also opens activists up to infiltration by shady characters from state agencies and other disruptive elements. Given the type of dystopian technology available to the state, as well recent policies defining activists engaged in legitimate and legal dissent as ‘terrorists’, this fact poses a major threat to activists trying to invoke change.

Recent exposures by both the Snowden leaks (mass surveillance) and the WikiLeaks Vault 7 CIA leaks, which documented the tools used for both mass and targeted surveillance, are evidence of this reality we face, as activists, in this dystopian age.

So, how do we address this fundamental flaw which is also the greatest strength of Anonymous without throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

Barrett Brown has found a solution for Anonymous activists. It’s called the Pursuance Project.

How does the Pursuance Project address the fundamental flaw in Anonymous while still protecting its’ greatest strength, given that they are the same thing?

The solution is in the flexibility that Pursuance offers in terms of opacity or transparency of the overall Pursuance (Op) as well as in access controls to task management and information sharing. The creator of the Pursuance Op can be one person or a collective. The creator(s) can make it (or just certain parts of it) visible for recruiting purposes or completely invisible. For example, if the Op needs to recruit someone from outside their circle with special skills and providing that special skill will be their only role, it’s possible to keep most of the Op (the discussions, tasks, etc.) invisible to that outsider. The only tasks the outsider will see are those assigned to them and any segments of the Op that are public. It’s this flexible mix of options that is the real power source behind Pursuance.

While the concepts of mixed opacity/transparency and access control aren’t new, what is new is the structure, the platform that they are integrated into and how they are used in social activism. The platform is zero-knowledge. No-one, including the people running the platform will have access to Pursuances, their membership, tasks, etc. unless they are made public. The platform plus the concepts built into it reduce the risk of maintaining secret identities within high risk Ops and make that risk negligible.

The human element will always be a challenge because in the last few years state agencies have received billions of dollars in funding specifically for the purposes of engaging in cyberwarfare not only against other states but against their own populations.

Even with technology like Pursuance, in the end, only sound decisions by activists in regard to OpSec (whatever the platform) can protect them from the high level social engineering engaged in by state agencies. Social engineering like that described in JTRIG (UK-GCHQ) will require both sound technology and sound strategic and tactical planning by the activists themselves. The reality is that when the Pursuance Project goes public they will have no control over who joins, what Pursuances they join and what tasks they are assigned. In addition, the software is open source and there won’t be any control over who downloads it and creates their own Pursuance servers. All of this control will be handed off to the activists themselves, in the Pursuances they create and the private servers they create if they choose to.

Since 2012, a concerted effort has been made by those agencies to infiltrate groups like Anonymous, WikiLeaks, Occupy and Idle No More. Their main focus was to identify activists who are part of those networks and either through extortion or bribery or both, turn those once trusted activists into paid snitches. The informant communities associated with Anonymous, Occupy and Idle No More have grown immensely and we have seen huge disruptions in their campaigns, including arrests and individuals targeted for persecution. Recently the approach has changed. It isn’t about recruitment anymore, it’s about influence. The snitches are trying to expand into newer key networks and influence those networks on behalf of the feds.

It isn’t the first time they’ve done this. They learned a lot from their compromise of LulzSec. Jeremy Hammond referred to this when he made his statement during his trial. After Sabu was recruited (and others – he wasn’t the only snitch), his main role was to direct Anons into engaging in Ops the feds wanted them to engage in, including overseas Ops in the Middle East. This eventually resulted in Jeremy’s entrapment with the Stratfor hack which was organized by the feds. In the meantime, LulzSec continued to be completely fed-controlled until Sabu was exposed (they may still be since the other snitches have never been exposed).

WikiLeaks has been somewhat better at protecting themselves because they have already been following the concepts behind Pursuance. They just haven’t had an actual tool to ease the way. For them, involvement in Pursuance wouldn’t require a change in approach. They would simply have an integrated tool that was already designed and built with their approach in mind.

Occupy and Idle No More should seriously consider going Anonymous on the Pursuance Platform.

Join @kickstarter and become a Pursuance Backer. 

Anonymous and the Pursuance Project would make a great coupling.

V: Would you… dance with me?

Evey Hammond: Now? On the eve of your revolution?

V: A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!

Attivisti e Pirati si alleano con il Progetto Pursuance di Barrett Brown

Il Progetto Pursuance (“Impegno”) – collaborazione civica di forte impatto, agile, sicura

BBIl sistema Pursuance (“Impegno”) è la prima struttura completa per la democrazia processiva. Cioè consente ad individui che non si conoscono di organizzarsi in entità robuste ed agili governate attraverso un “proceduralismo di accordo”. Queste entità, chiamate pursuance o impegni, a turno si relazionano e collaborano tra loro nella misura che esse stesse decidono, portando fondamentalmente ad un vasto e formidabile ecosistema di opposizione all’ingiustizia istituzionalizzata. (Estratto dalla descrizione del progetto)

Questo sistema verrà popolato sulla base di inviti, a cominciare dalla fine del 2017. Ma Barrett ha iniziato una collaborazione con Pirate Parties International. RaymondMattermost Johansen, attivista e membro del board del PPI si sta ora occupando di popolare diverse stanze di Mattermost, per iniziare presto ad imbarcare persone nella versione alfa del Sistema Pursuance. L’uso ed il feedback sul software da parte del PPI aiuteranno gli sviluppatori ad ottimizzarlo per i nostri scenari di utilizzo. Nelle prossime settimane attivisti, progettisti, artisti, esperti del FOIA, giornalisti investigativi, programmatori e sviluppatori saranno invitati a partecipare. Di fatto, nel momento in cui scriviamo dei progetti sono già partiti all’interno del gruppo del PPI.

Per ricevere un invito potete contattare direttamente Ray. Twitter o Facebook vanno bene. Se avete il suo indirizzo email sentitevi liberi di mandargli una richiesta. Ed ora ascoltiamo i principali protagonisti.

La struttura descritta da Brown è davvero straordinaria dal momento che l’idea è di dare alle persone il potere di creare il proprio “impegno” e fornire una piattaforma per usare le loro abilità in collaborazione con altri per conseguire specifici risultati. Facendo questo, hanno la possibilità di crescere ad una scala più ampia ed avere potenzialmente un maggiore impatto usando la rete collaborativa.

Steve Phillips spiega come è iniziato il suo rapporto con il Progetto Pursuance

Ciao a tutti! Sono Steve Phillips, sviluppatore capo e project manager del Progetto Pursuance, iniziato da Barrett Brown.

A marzo ho appreso che Barrett era uscito di prigione e voleva costruire una ambiente cifrato end-to-end per aiutare attivisti, giornalisti ed altri gruppi ad avere un maggiore impatto, consentendogli di coordinarsi efficacemente online. Questo non solo suonava fantastico ma aveva moltissimo in comune con quello su cui avevo lavorato nell’ultimo anno e mezzo, incluso ciò che avevo presentato due anni fa a DEFCON due anni fa.

Steve Phillips photoQuindi l’ho contattato, sono volato in Texas per incontrarlo, e due giorni più tardi mi ha incaricato di costruire il Sistema Pursuance (di cui potete leggere qui; introduzione un po’ più tecnica qui)!

Come ha scritto Barrett su, il nostro obiettivo finale è produrre un “vasto e formidabile sistema di opposizione all’ingiustizia istituzionalizzata”.

Programmo da otto anni, uso Linux da quasi sedici anni, ed ho una vasta esperienza sia nella costruzione di software user-friendly di alta qualità che nella gestione di piccolo gruppi di sviluppatori.

Sono MOLTO entusiasta di lavorare con le persone del Partito Pirata e mi piacerebbe che voi tutti foste tra le prime persone al mondo ad usare il Sistema Pursuance mentre lo costruiamo. Fatemi sapere di quali strumenti avete bisogno per cambiare il mondo e farò tutto ciò che posso per fornirveli.

Persuance LogoProporio ora abbiamo lanciato una versione iniziale della funzionalità di chat di Pursuance come app a sé stante – LeapChat, che chiunque può usare visitando ed invitando persone nelle stanze sicure verso cui venite reindirizzati, finendo per avere delle sessioni di chat cifrate end-to-end. Qualsiasi feedback abbiate riguardo alle funzionalità che dovrebbero in futuro essere aggiunte a LeapChat sarà molto utile!

Il cuore della prima versione di Pursuance che lanceremo sarà essenzialmente un sistema per la gestione di compiti concepito per gruppi numerosi, e che farà cose tipo consentirvi di specificare quali competenze siano necessarie per completare un compito, quindi far sì che il software trovi automaticamente le persone con tutte le competenze necessarie per completare tale compito e domandare loro se gli piacerebbe farlo! Questo consente a Pursuance di espandersi su gruppi numerosi meglio di qualsiasi altra cosa che esista oggi.

Crediamo che Internet dovrebbe essere formidabile nell’abilitare grandi gruppi di persone che la pensano allo stesso modo ad unire le forze per combattere le ingiustizie… ma non lo è. Noi siamo qui per cambiare le cose.

La visione di Barrett Brown sul Progetto Pursuance

Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project by v4vapid

Quando gli viene chiesto dei suoi futuri progetti, Brown delinea una visione di giornalisti e blogger che riescono a condividere meglio le informazioni creando quella che lui chiama una “piattaforma di democrazia processiva”. Questo progetto è stato in cantiere dal 2009, prima della sua incarcerazione, e con l’aiuto di collaboratori fidati Brown continua a lavorare alla creazione di una rivoluzionaria collaborazione in crowd sourcing. Si verificheranno collaborazioni tra istituzioni, no profit, accademici e perfino giornalismo partecipativo.

Barrett_Brown_2007“Per il modo in cui il sistema [pursuance] funziona, non ha importanza se la qualità diminuisce ai margini, perché ai margini le persone sono libere di portare altre persone, ma devono anche gestirle. Perciò se si tratta di raccolta di dati, per esempio, se sei un giornalista o stai gestendo un progetto in crowd-sourcing, e porti con te un po’ di gente, ogni persona che porta altre persone ovviamente ha l’impulso di fare il possibile per portare persone di reale qualità, perché poi dovranno averci a che fare, e la cattiva informazione, l’informazione inutile, che proviene da queste lontane [periferie] del sistema non ce la farà ad arrivare fino alla presentazione, e c’è un intero meccanismo per tutto questo.” – Barrett Brown

“Perciò quella è stata la spinta iniziale. Ci sono molte altre caratteristiche che fanno sì che questo funzioni per varie cose. C’è una grande folla di persone lì fuori che sta twittando e commentando, ed è arrabbiata, ed una parte di essa è composta da persone molto oneste che sono competenti, informate, ma a cui non viene messa a disposizione (a) la possibilità di aiutare e (b) la possibilità di distinguersi. Se mettete a disposizione delle persone la possibilità di fare le cose nel modo corretto, elevarsi ad una posizione in cui hanno la possibilità di fare le cose ad una scala più ampia, e rendete evidente che questa possibilità è lì disponibile, e mostriamo esempi del fatto che funziona nonché mettiamo a disposizione un certo grado di leadership, e – per dirla in modo schietto – propaganda sul perché è giunto il momento per questo genere di cose, allora funzionerà.”  – Barrett Brown

Per ricevere aggiornamenti sui progressi del progetto complessivo puoi iscriverti a questa pagina The Pursuance Project

by Kitty Hundal and translated by Aram Gurekian

Activistas y Piratas forman equipo en el Proyecto “Pursuance” (prosecución, ejecución o cumplimiento) de Barrett Brown

Proyecto “Pursuance” – Colaboración cívica impactante, ágil y segura

BBEl sistema de “pursuance” es el primer marco global para la democracia de procesos. Es decir, permite que individuos sin relación previa se auto-organicen en entidades robustas y ágiles gobernadas a través de un “procedimiento de acuerdo”. Estas entidades, llamadas “pursuances” (prosecuciones), a su vez se involucran y colaboran entre sí en la medida que elijan, llevando en última instancia a un vasto y formidable ecosistema de oposición a la injusticia institucionalizada. (Extracto de la descripción del proyecto)

Este sistema será poblado sobre la base de invitaciones, iniciando hacia el final de 2017. Pero Barrett ha iniciado una colaboración con Pirate Parties International. Raymond Johansen, activista y miembro de la junta directiva de PPI, está ahora en el proceso de poblar varias salas en Mattermost, para luego comenzar a integrar a las personas en unaMattermost versión alfa del Sistema Pursuance. El uso de PPI y la retroalimentación del software ayudarán a los desarrolladores de software de Pursuance a optimizarlo para cada caso de uso. En las próximas semanas se invitará a activistas, diseñadores, artistas, expertos en FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), periodistas de investigación, codificadores y desarrolladores. De hecho, el momento de escribir los proyectos ya han comenzado dentro del equipo de PPI.

Para obtener una invitación puede contactar directamente con Ray. Twitter o Facebook está bien. Si tiene su dirección de correo electrónico no dude en enviarle una solicitud. Ahora vamos a escuchar a las principales personas.

El marco descrito por Brown es bastante extraordinario en el sentido de que la visión es capacitar a la gente para crear su propia “pursuance” (prosecución) y proporcionar una plataforma para usar sus habilidades en colaboración con otros para lograr resultados específicos. Al hacerlo, tienen la oportunidad de ampliar y potencialmente tener un mayor impacto utilizando la red colaborativa.

Steve Phillips explica cómo él consiguió implicado con el proyecto de la persecución

¡Hola a todos! Soy Steve Phillips, desarrollador principal y gerente del Proyecto de “Pursuance”, iniciado por Barrett Brown.

En marzo me enteré de que Barrett estaba fuera de la cárcel y quería construir un entorno codificado de extremo a extremo para ayudar a que los activistas, periodistas y otros grupos tuvieran más impacto al permitirles coordinar eficazmente en línea, lo que sonaba no sólo impresionante sino que tenía una tonelada en común con lo que había estado construyendo durante el último año y medio, incluyendo lo que presenté en DEF CON hace 2 años.

Así que me acerqué a él, volé a Texas para conocerlo y dos días después me puso a cargo de la construcción del Sistema “Pursuance” (que se puede leer aquí, pra algo más técnico entre aquí <; )!

Steve Phillips photoComo Barrett escribió en, nuestro objetivo final es producir “un vasto y formidable ecosistema de oposición a la injusticia institucionalizada”.

He estado programando durante 8 años, he estado usando Linux por casi 16 años, y tengo una amplia experiencia tanto en la construcción de software de fácil manejo, de alta calidad y la gestión de pequeños equipos de desarrolladores.

Estoy muy emocionado de estar trabajando con la gente del Partido Pirata y me encantaría que todos ustedes estuvieran entre las primeras personas en el mundo que usen el Sistema de Pursuit como lo construimos. Déjame saber qué herramientas necesitas para cambiar el mundo y haré lo que pueda para proporcionarlas.

Persuance LogoEn este momento hemos lanzado una versión temprana de la función de charla Pursuance como una aplicación independiente – LeapChat, que cualquiera puede utilizar visitando e invitando a la gente a la sala segura a la que se redirige, dando como resultado una interfaz de extremo a extremo Chat cifrado. Cualquier comentario que tenga sobre qué características se deben agregar a LeapChat serían muy útiles!

El núcleo de la primera versión de Pursuance que vamos a lanzar es esencialmente un sistema de gestión de tareas construido para grandes grupos que harán cosas como permiten especificar qué habilidades son necesarias para completar una tarea, luego de tener el software, automáticamente encontrar personas con todas las habilidades necesarias para completar esa tarea y preguntarles si les gustaría hacerlo! Esto habilita la escala de Pursuit a grandes grupos, mejor que cualquier otra cosa que exista actualmente.

Creemos que Internet debería ser increíble para permitir a grandes grupos de personas con ideas afines unir sus fuerzas para combatir la injusticia … pero no lo es. Estamos aquí para cambiar eso.

La visión de Barrett Brown para el proyecto Pursuance

Extractos de: Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project de v4vapid

Cuando se le preguntó acerca de futuros proyectos, Brown esboza una visión para los periodistas y bloggers para compartir mejor la información mediante la creación de lo que él llama una “plataforma de democracia de proceso”. Este proyecto ha estado en obras desde 2009, antes de su encarcelamiento, y con la ayuda de colaboradores de confianza, Brown continúa trabajando para crear una revolucionaria colaboración de proveedores. Las colaboraciones tendrán lugar entre instituciones, sin fines de lucro, académicos e incluso periodistas ciudadanos.

Barrett_Brown_2007“La forma en que funciona el sistema, no importa si en los márgenes la calidad disminuye, porque en esos márgenes, esas personas son libres de atraer más gente, pero todavía tienen que manejarlas. Por ejemplo, si se trata de recolección de datos, si se es periodista o se está ejecutando un proyecto multitudinario, y se atrae a unas pocas personas, cada persona atrae a gente que obviamente tiene un impulso, para atraer a personas de calidad real puede que sea lo mejor de su capacidad, porque tienen que tratar con ellos, y la mala información, la información inútil, que sale de estas distancias [periferias] en el sistema no lo va a hacer decaer, y hay un mecanismo completo para cada uno de ellos. “- Barrett Brown

“Así que ese fue el ímpetu original. Hay un montón de otras características que hacen que esto funcione para diferentes cosas. Hay una gran masa de personas por ahí que están twitteando y comentando, y están molesto, y hay alguna porción que son personas muy honestas que son capaces, que son conocedores, pero que no se les proporciona (a) la capacidad de ayuda y (b) la capacidad de cercer. Si presenta a las personas la capacidad de hacer cosas correctamente, y al hacer las cosas correctamente, llegan a un nivel en la que tienen la capacidad de hacer cosas a mayor escala, si se hace evidente, que esa capacidad está allí, le proporcionamos ejemplos de ellos trabajando y así proporcionar un grado de liderazgo y honestidad, propagando por qué ha llegado el momento de hacer ese tipo de cosas, entonces funcionará. “– Barrett Brown

Para obtener actualizaciones sobre el progreso del proyecto en general, puede inscribirse en esta página The Pursuance Project

Pursuance Project – Temporary 3rd Party Collaboration Tools

stevephillipsPrivacy enhancing tools from Steve Phillips, lead developer and project manager of the Pursuance Project. Click here to download the PDF with the list of tools.


For end to end encrypted ad hoc chats use LeapChat It is in its infancy and functions will be added in the coming days and weeks. The devs are looking for feedback on functionality. Permanent encrypted chat for the whole Pursuance wide community: Click here for LeapChat for Pursuance end to end encrypted chat.

CollabTo decide on meeting times or other things feel free to use the following tools while we wait for native “apps”: For scheduling use International Meeting planner and Doodle. When the community has grown Doodle can also be used for voting.

For fast burn note sharing of passwords and the like I recommend PRIVNOTE.

For a slower burn rate on sharing small files, passwords, or other secrets, use MiniShareRiseup or Cryptag.

For collaboration feel free to either use Etherpad supplied by the Tech team of the Pirate Party of Norway or an encrypted version for work of a more sensitive nature: CryptPad.

bull-hornSignal Boosting:

For getting projects or results of projects boosted on twitter, DM @rayjoha2 starting with the words #SignalBoost. Potential reach around 400k followers. Indirect reach 5 times that. Same goes for Facebook marketing. DM me in Twitter. The reach there is considerably higher for suitable content. You can also, if it relates to activism simply add #ppiboost to your tweet.

For twitter activities: Pastebin or Tweet Intents, a very useful tool to generate Intent twitter links.

User and admin doc: MatterMost

Project description: Pursuance Project